MILKITA: “Passion for milk” Experience, Technology and Italian Quality


A new player has emerged in the dynamic landscape of the dairy sector that is set to redefine the industry’s prospects: Milkita Group.

Milkita Group aims to become a “Made in Italy” reference point in the world of Dairy products. Three historical companies, Pietribiasi Michelangelo, Frautech Separators and MilkyLAB, capable of covering all processing operations.

Milkita is a true benchmark, offering a wide range of innovative and integrated solutions for milk and beverage processing.

Milkita’s vision is clear and ambitious: to become a point of reference in the dairy industry, bringing together expertise, technology and experience to provide customers with the most comprehensive range of milk processing machinery.

And not only that. The aim is to follow the path of milk from the moment it enters the plant to the production of finished products, including cheese, dairy products, and yoghurt.

However, Milkita’s ambition does not stop there: the group also aspires to be a reference point for the fruit juice, ice cream, beer and wine sectors, paving the way for new synergies and opportunities.

Milkita’s value proposition translates into complete plants and all-round service. Customers have the option of relying on a single partner for the construction of their production plants or raw material processing lines.

This simplifies the decision-making process and enables customers to focus on their core business, knowing that they can count on a reliable and experienced partner.

Milkita aims to combine the best of Italian industrial traditions, technological expertise and quality with experience and passion, offering integrated machinery and complete treatment solutions.

Pietribiasi Michelangelo produces machines and complete lines for the dairy industry (milk and cheese, butter, yoghurt and fermented products, ice cream and cream), and for the production of fruit juices and soft drinks, ice cream and beer.

• UHT and pasteurisation plants

• plate and tubular heat exchangers

• CIP washing plants

• milk receiving and refrigeration units

• reconstitution mixing plants

• complete dairies


The FRAUTECH brand is present in the milk and beverage industry with over 100 years of experience and is synonymous with long experience in the design and production of centrifugal separators.

• The full range of separators includes clarifiers, bacteria removing clarifiers, milk and whey skimmers and automatic milk standardisation systems.

• Our self-cleaning, solid bowl separators cater for a range of flow rates from 1,000 to 60,000l/h. Over 5,000 process separators are installed worldwide with customised solutions.

MilkyLAB has been a leader in the design and production of machines and automatic plants for the production of Pasta Filata Cheese (Mozzarella, Pizza cheese, String cheese , Analogue Mozzarella, Spread cheese) and Ricotta since 1980.

MilkyLAB’s objective has always been to export the Italian mozzarella tradition worldwide.

Once MilkyLAB has installed the equipment at the customers’ premises, training and assistance is provided to ensure that best production performance.

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