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NICOFRUIT is a registered trademark, owned and distributed by Frutthera Growers, an Italian company located in a town called Metapontino, in the Basilicata region, in the south of the Country. This area is well known and is ideally suited to the growing of strawberries, grapes, kiwi and citrus. These fruits find their natural habitat here and are included in the most representative made-in-Italy productions.

Adopting the integrated production quality system means employing environmentally friendly production methods, protecting the health of both workers and consumers, making use of technical and economic features of the most modern production systems.

Special care to the environmental issues led the company to achieve an important result: the drastic reduction of pesticides, implementing specific natural technics and recurring to a massive use of antagonistic insects. Natural protection of the plants gave a large contribution to get a “zero residues” pesticides for a lot of the fruit we produce.

Packaging represents another way to respect Earth. A totally brand new compostable packaging has been implemented in our production lines, being entirely degradable and used as a natural fertilizer. Great help for the environment!

Frutthera adopts the integrated production quality system that consists of a combination of eco-friendly production methods, the protection of both workers and consumers’ health, and technical and economic requirements of the most modern production systems.

Storage and conditioning are controlled by a software cell that provides constant monitoring of the products’ temperature and humidity, from the countryside until their final destination into targeted markets.

Monitoring the correct temperature during transport is guaranteed by small electronic recorders installed on the means of transport. NICOFRUIT products are traceable and trackable.

Thanks to a computerized system, the product will be followed through all the stages of processing, packaging and storage to the sale moment so that the consumer can trace back the soil where the fruits and vegetables have grown.

Today FRUTTHERA Growers can count on more than 40 partners that cultivate more than 500 hectares of land.

On average, 160 seasonal workers are employed with a max of 350 in the most intense harvest periods. The factory is 12.300 sqm (indoor and outdoor). It is newly built and it has been designed to guarantee the quality of the products.

Sustainable development is the only possible model for NICOFRUIT – solar panels are located on the storage and on the processing plants, and they are sufficient to feed most of the company’s energy needs.

From the very beginning, dynamism and long-term outlook have allowed the company to reach internal large-scale retailers and important market spaces from South America to the Middle East. Analyzing percentage shares, the products are sold 50% in the foreign market, 30% in the internal retail and 20% in the general market.

Since commercial aggregation is a very important target to achieve, Frutthera joined one of the biggest Producers Organization in south Italy, with a total turnover > 70 mln €, Asso Fruit Italia, that is also a partner of Italia Ortofrutta, the biggest Italian National Union.

As a natural consequence of environmental awareness, Frutthera takes part in a lot of projects to achieve this target, organized by Universities, Research Institutions and many other reliable partners.

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