In Modena, food has a tale to tell!

It’s the history of the Fini Group, an important industrial reality in the food sector, whose products encompass the best of the Italian gastronomic tradition. A tradition that started in 1912 and that today is well summarized by the company mission “Not just good”. Because when it comes to food, good is not enough.

Thanks to the brand “Le Conserve della Nonna”, the company plays a key role in the canned sector and offers over 150 products, ranging from breakfast to dinner, from sweet to savory.

The production range goes from tomatoes to sauces, from pestos to gravies with tomatoes harvested exclusively in Emilia Romagna and also includes a wide selection of legumes, simple or enriched, vegetable spreads, jams and different types of vegetables in oil.

Conserve della nonna: the secret of the goodness

For the secondary packaging of this wide range of products, the Fini Group turned to SMI for the installation of an automatic shrink wrapper from the CSK ERGON range that stands out for advanced automation, operational flexibility, low energy consumption and respect for the environment.

SMI solutions for the Fini Group

The CSK 50T ERGON machine packs different types of 0.37 L and 0.72 L glass bottles and a wide variety of 0.212 L / 0.3 L / 0.312 L / 0.314 L / 0.37 L / 0.5 L / 0.72 L and 115 g glass jars in several pack formats in film onlypad+film and tray+film.

Main features of the CSK ERGON range

  • very flexible production and packaging process, which enables to quickly and easily switch from one format to another to maintain high levels of plant operational efficiency
  • packer equipped with a motorized system of oscillating guides at the machine infeed, which facilitates the correct channeling of loose containers on a conveyor belt equipped with thermoplastic chains with a low coefficient of friction
  • grouping of loose containers in the desired format carried out continuously by means of electronically synchronized separation pegs or bars
  • cardboard magazine positioned under the infeed conveyor, from where the blanks are picked up by an alternating motion picker

  • curvilinear cardboard ramp in the initial and final section, to facilitate the insertion of the blank under the grouping of the products at the outfeed of the electronic separator

  • compact film cutting unit; the blade is controlled by a direct-drive transmission brushless motor, which makes the cutting operation more precise and the maintenance easier
  • new ICOS motors, equipped with integrated digital servo-drive (driver), that simplify the machine wiring and ensure greater energy efficiency, lower noise and reduced wear of components
  • shrink tunnel equipped with metal chain (optional) and lubrication that ensure better film sealing under the pack
  • optional system with format changeover automatic adjustments
  • the machine is also equipped with a series of optional devices to ensure the high quality of the final pack, such as the product stabilizer and the additional 1,150 mm conveyor belt, placed at the outfeed of the tunnel for fast pack cooling.

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