Our Company Celebrates 100 Years Of Activity

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E. CALVI is an Italian company located in Milano known throughout the world for the construction of machines and equipment for the thermoforming of paper and cardboard. Our production range includes: Paper baking cases forming machines by blanks Paper baking cases forming machines by reels Paper Muffin cups/cases with rim by reel – paper toulips/lotus cups – paper plates /ovenable trays/containers / glasslids making machines Die cutting machines by reel for cardboard and/or similar material E. CALVI was established in 1918 and has been working since the beginning in both the mechanical and paper converting fields. Its primary feature is thus always having, besides the machine building and assembly division, a paper engineering division allowing a full-time use of machinery, with the goal of a constant verification of all components, technical needs, and the evaluation of possible modifications and improvements. Calvi’s primary philosophy thus sits in the conviction that a long, trying testing of assembled machines in real production is of the utmost importance. Besides the traditionally built machinery Calvi also creates special machines, according to the Customers’ special needs. www.e-calvi.it

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