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In other words, seven companies with some shared goals and a future one. Certainly, a strong internationalization, a high propensity for investment in R&D projects and shared ethical values are common to all entrepreneurs participating in the initiative. For the future, however, there is the desire to expand the network to new participants to integrate new production processes to complete the range of services and turnkey systems to be offered to customers.

Synergy is the key-word that characterizes and gives strength to PACKPACT, the network that produces integrated and innovative technological solutions, oriented to the supply of complete lines for international buyers and that offers participating companies the opportunity to grow and compete in the global market.

With this in mind, PACKPACT will exhibit at Gulfood Manufacturing 2019, the largest trade fair for the food&beverage technology industry, which each year attracts over 1,600 global suppliers of ingredients, logistics, processing and packaging equipment from over 60 countries, presenting their solutions to an audience of over 32,000
trade visitors.

The fair will be held from 29th to 31st October at the World Trade Centre in Dubai and it will be possible to visit the PACKPACT stand at Hall 6 Booth E6-28.

Winning teamwork between companies with the greatest
expertise in the packaging industry

Two practical examples of the collaboration between companies belonging to PACKPACT are the projects carried out by Cama Group and Universal Pack for Unilever
South America and by Clevertech and Tosa Group for Aurora Dairy.
In the first case, Universal Pack supplied the bagging machine for the primary packaging as well as the stacking, weighing and counting unit for the subsequent transfer to the Cama Group cartoning machine, fully integrated into the line. From Universal Pack line arrive groups of 60 or 36 sachets that the Cama Group machine encloses into 16 cases max of big dimensions.
What’s particular about this line are the special and out-of-format dimensions of the package. The major benefit of this project is the perfect integration of the Universal Pack loaders with the Cama Group conveyors.

In the second case, the joint activity of Clevertech and Tosa Group has resulted in a line that combines the mechanical and electrical design of both the companies.
From the spiral lifter to the pallet stacker, the endof-line system minimizes the transfer cycle to the forklift and was designed and assembled by Clevertech integrating the stretch film wrapping solution from Tosa Group.
In both examples, the know-how of the individual companies offers the client the extraordinary opportunity to take advantage of a complex and complete solution in a single unit.


Universal Pack Srl is a world leader in the production of vertical automatic packaging machines. Since 1965 it has been designing and manufacturing packaging machines
and complete lines for primary and secondary packaging for all sectors: food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical.

Marco Nardini, Sales Director of Universal Pack Srl, affirms: “The synergy among the companies of the network has led to collaborative business relationships that translate into the mutual transmission of know-how and the joint implementation of projects.
The experience of the network has allowed Universal Pack to strengthen its presence in foreign markets and in those areas where our presence wasn’t as structured as it is now”.


Tosa Group is one of the most important companies in Italy in the production of end-of-line technologies. Owner of TOSA Group, MIMI and CMR, it is a fundamental point of reference for the stabilization and safety of palletized loads.

Serena Tosa, Managing Director of Tosa Group, explains: “Being part of the network has brought great benefits to the Group in terms of market opportunities.
Having the chance to collaborate with other companies operating in the international market is a great resource that is leading us to open new channels and broaden our vision. Thanks to the network we have doubled the number of trade fairs in 2019 compared to last year and this has allowed us to enter new markets, creating business relationships and opportunities that were precluded to us”.


Ronchi Mario Spa is a manufacturer of machines for packaging liquid products, founded in 1966. It is an international leader in the packaging of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics,
personal care and home care products.

Gianmario Ronchi, CEO of Mario Ronchi Spa, says: “I strongly wanted to be a promoter of this network because I believe that it is essential to have shared and active relationships between different companies to consolidate our presence in foreign markets and promote the “Italian system”. Our portfolio of integrated technological solutions, a sales force strengthened by the network and the trade fairs as our main promotional tool – all this has allowed us, in just two years, to consolidate our presence and, above all, to explore new sales channels and enter new markets as leaders, such as, for example, the most growing economic areas”.


Makro Labelling Srl is a leading company in the production of industrial labelling machines for the food, beverage, home, personal care and pharmaceutical sectors,
committed to giving its production a decisive turn in terms of environmental sustainability.

Massimo Manzotti, Managing Director of Makro Labelling Srl, states: “Representing and exporting the Italian technological excellence throughout the world is at the basis of our partnership with the network. Joining the network perfectly fits with our idea of networking. The collaboration with other companies has allowed us to work together on technical developments, providing highly technological and competitive solutions that hopefully will lead us to further increase our export turnover”.


Ilpra Spa is an innovative company operating in the packaging sector since 1955, producing a wide range of machines and technological solutions for the packaging of food, cosmetic and medical products. Its 60 years of activity make it an undisputed market leader both in Italy and worldwide.

Maurizio Bertocco, Managing Director of Ilpra Spa, states: “ILPRA decided to join the network because it shared the same values of expanding and consolidating the offer of made in Italy products in the developing markets. We are confident that joining the network will allow ILPRA to be more and more involved in the global market, especially in less conventional areas such as Asia, Latin America and Africa. The synergy within the network will allow a more solid market strategy, offering an important added value to our customers: the opportunity to have a single point of reference in the supply of complete lines”.


Since 1987 Clevertech Spa manufactures and sells machines and plants for the end-of-line automation, such as palletizers, winders and depalletizers for the food&beverage, home care, pet-food and personal care sectors.

Enrico Reggiani, CFO of Clevertech Spa, explains: “Taking part in the network has allowed Clevertech to have greater international visibility, in particular in the Asian and South-East Asian markets, where the company has decided to invest in a significant way. The company’s turnover has partially benefited from the network synergies and achieved an 80% increase in Asian markets, gaining excellent results particularly in Thailand and China”.


Cama Group, founded in 1981, is a world leader in the engineering and manufacturing of automatic packaging systems, secondary packaging lines and robotics for integrated and complete packaging lines.

Daniele Bellante, President of Cama Group, says: “Thanks to the network, it is possible to create added value for customers in terms of project consultancy. Through the specific know-how of each company, we can identify the best technological solution for each customer. This union is unique because we can get the maximum efficiency and the best project requirements from each company. The essential goal of the network is to put together different kinds of expertise, each one dedicated to a specific supply chain, through a consulting approach between companies and a partnership between them to reach extremely competitive results and meet the customer’s expectations”.

The rebranding studio of the network also wanted to find a distinctive name and logo to clearly express the values of the project. This study gave birth to the new word
“PACKPACT”, the perfect synthesis between the two founding elements: the industry sector (PACK) and the network of companies (PACT), followed by the convincing tagline
“your partner in advanced processing & packaging “. The logo recalls the genetic chain with a unique DNA: the Italian flag representing the Made in Italy.

Today the network is chaired by Annalisa Bellante (CEO of Cama Group) and includes seven national producers, leaders in their respective sectors. They are: Cama Group – secondary packaging; Clevertech – front & end of line systems; Ilpra – traysealing, thermoforming fill and seal machines; Makro Labelling – labelling; Ronchi Mario – filling&capping; Tosa Group – wrapping; Universal Pack – stick pack & sachet fill and seal. The things these companies have in common are the target market and mutual complementarity as well as the fact of being private companies, solid from a financial point of view, with more than 50% exports, and driven by a strong vocation for innovation.
In 2018, the companies belonging to the network recorded a total turnover of 300 million euros, of which approximately 85% came from exports. The network employs over 1,050 people, with a 20% increase in employment in the last two years. Also, thanks to the joint marketing and communication campaigns, the seven companies have been able to increase by 100% the number of trade fairs attended in new markets.

Annalisa Bellante, president of PACKPACT and CEO of Cama Group, when presenting the project emphasized how this wants to be “an innovative form of aggregation,
independent from the trade associations, to create real promotional synergies and stimulate both sector innovation and internationalization, and therefore improving the
companies’ competitiveness”.

Join forces to enter new markets and win the big companies’ competition since, as already said, the companies of the network are complementary to each other, not
competitors. Sharing the same entrepreneurial values and the same code of ethics also contributes to the improvement of the services offered by each company, raising the bar of the Made-in-Italy quality.

This solution seems to appeal to end customers, since they can now have one-stop-shop service, behind which there is a comprehensive network of specialized companies.
But let’s take a closer look at the seven companies that have joined the PACKPACT project and see what the most relevant impressions of their entrepreneurs are.


Packpact is the Italian project providing the international market with a network of leading companies in different packaging sectors, which work together and make their know-how available for any type of packaging, handling and labelling solution.

The world of Industry 4.0 is constantly evolving with increasing pressure for the companies to be at the forefront. In this context, the packaging market is also experiencing an important change.
And if it is true that this sector keeps growing, it is also true that adapting to the needs of an everchanging market is never so easy. Especially for medium companies that have to cope with large investments in R&D and promotion in the international markets.

The project was born in 2015 with mainly promotional purposes but soon after, following a rebranding activity in 2019, it was named PACKPACT and extended its vision. Thanks to the entrepreneurial initiative of Gianmario Ronchi, owner of the company Ronchi Mario, seven leading companies in the field of automatic packaging machines decided to come together under a single brand and create a network to face the international market, particularly during the trade fairs. However, this initial aim quickly evolved into projects of a different nature because these complementary companies began to discuss strategical, organizational and operational issues. This is how the network became a real field of confrontation for modern entrepreneurs, who manage companies with a high degree of technological innovation and believe that sharing
information and experiences is the key to success. Today PACKPACT is a network of leading companies in the processing and packaging industries, which provide customers with complete, flexible and advanced solutions, guaranteed by the unmatched made-in-Italy technology.

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