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High-performance stretch films for all industries The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the packaging industry, imposing new standards for hygiene and product preservation. 

Pan American Packaging Corp. has always placed research at the heart of its business, focusing on finding innovative solutions to create cutting-edge products and offering high-level services to its customers. 

Thanks to this approach, Pan American Packaging Corp. has not been caught unprepared by the new challenges imposed by the peculiar historical and economic moment we are living. 

The company, which has four European offices and three production plants, produces high-quality stretch film, technically advanced, offering competitive prices and a punctual and reliable service, matured through years of activity and experience. 

The range of products developed and marketed is very large, offering different formats in terms of weight, height, and thickness, adapting to the most diverse and particular packaging requirements. 

As far as stretching capacities are concerned, they range from standard films offering 150% stretching to high-performance and technical films with up to 370% stretching. 

The Special Films Division of PAN AMERICAN PACKAGING has also recently created eight new products – certified by European accredited laboratories – with innovative and very special characteristics that make them suitable for specific uses in various sectors. 

The thickening gives it exceptional resistance to tearing and an excellent containment capacity, making it particularly suitable for wrapping products with non-homogeneous shapes. 

Eagle Air Stretch: reinforced macroperforated film with exceptional transpiration capabilities. The range features different structures and hole sizes to meet a wide range of ventilation needs, ideal for food applications, mills and wherever the post-pasteurization production chain is very short. 

Green Leaf Stretch: with its characteristic green color, it is produced with special cobalt-free additives that make it timed degradation, and therefore eco-sustainable.

Steril Stretch: anti-microbial stretch film, particularly suitable for applications where it is necessary to preserve the product against pollutants or viral agents, in any working environment.

Fire Shield Stretch: flame retardant film, with a particular orange color.

Antirust Stretch: it has the property of preserving the packaged goods from the formation of rust.

Fresh Fruit Stretch: thanks to special additives able to absorb ethylene, it can control and slow down the wasting and aging process for fruit and vegetables.

Insect Buster Stretch: able to preserve food products from insects and mites thanks to a particular pyrethroid technology.

The activity of PAN AMERICAN PACKAGING is characterized and animated by the constant research of more and more advanced technological solutions and products. It is also characterized by great attention to the customer service that holds a fundamental role in the services provided to customers and also for this aspect the company is considered one of the most reliable and efficient market player for service and after-sale. 


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