Pierrebi: End Of Line Packaging And Much More

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PierreBi announces to have completed the development of new products that widen and integrate the range of packaging machines proposed, acting as a high-level supplier with interesting and customized solutions for the most demanding customers.
The entire historical range of end of line packaging machines, which have made PierreBi very successful, including bundling/over wrapping, side-top loading and tray packing machines, has been updated and upgraded in line with modern technological requirements.

The peculiarity of PierreBi’s offer is represented by machines that provide high performances with an extremely small footprint, which is still a highly appreciated and requested feature by customers.

The new range of secondary packaging machines includes: the horizontal intermittent and continuous cartoner, the horizontal case packer for medium and large formats, the special vertical case packer for large formats with a very reduced footprint and the wraparound machine suitable for various packaging combinations such as fully wrapped carton, tray only and tray + lid.

All the secondary packaging machines can be combined with the palletizer of modern conception recently redesigned and updated in the technical contents.

Thanks to the activity of a specialized team of technicians, with a long experience and expertise knowhow, PierreBi has realized many lines all over the world and is now ready to support the new market challenges with versatile and personalized solutions, that can be set up from the single machine to the complete line; a particular attention is paid to the feeding systems of the machines tailored to the product, that more and more frequently become the real heart of the line.
The PierreBi railway continues to run, it will be a pleasure to have you on board and share the journey with you.


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