Pistones fillers with high level of automation and automatic cleaning system for food field.

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Zilli&Bellini is present in 76 different countries; about two thousand Zilli & Bellini machines are now working worldwide!

Zilli & Bellini provides the design and the construction of a wide range of machines to fill food products into rigid containers. We also supplied several solutions to add fruit particles in beverages products like for example orange sacs, diced pineapples, mango pulp, peaches,… Zilli & Bellini also provides solutions for closing the containers. The machines can handle bottles, jars, cans, made of tin plate, aluminum, glass and plastic having a capacity up to 5 Kg. The food products range is wide: powders, fruit cocktail, Chocó paste, vegetables, tomato paste, sauces with or without pieces, meat, oil, ghee, fish, ready meals,…. The speed of Zilli & Bellini filling and seaming lines can be from 10 to 1200 containers per minute.

Zilli & Bellini research and development are the focus of its success.
We have developed our technologies having in mind the main focus of our Customers: to be fast in changing the containers sizes and to obtain the requested sanitary standards with the automatic cleaning of the filler after the production. Regarding the pistons fillers, the innovations and improvements are enormous. Few years ago Zilli & Bellini introduced on the market a new generation of pistons fillers (Plunger valve pistons fillers) with a better filling accuracy due to the new concept of the valve.

The plunger pistons fillers for some applications is the nonplus ultra of the food technology also because it is possible to make a C.I.P. completely controlled by the PLC and without to dismantle any part of the filler. The plunger pistons fillers C.I.P match the higher hygienic standards and minimize the maintenance time. The great success of the plunger pistons fillers pushes Zilli & Bellini to go on in the way of the innovation in pistons fillers machines. The idea in the pistons fillers with a standard rotary valve is to make a C.I.P. controlled by the PLC. With this upgrade, it is possible to press the touch screen and a mechanical device takes out the pistons from the cylinders. With this operation you can run an extremely efficient washings cycle in a very easy way; also the inspection of the seals is very easy and quick.

The main advantages of the automatic cleaning system are: constant cleaning results, less risks linked to the skill of the operators and fixed cleaning time for the production department planning.

For each different container size and for each different product it is possible to fix the parameters and the operators just have to recall it by the HMI. In this way it is possible to be flexible and fast.

The deep experience of Zilli & Bellini technical staff grant to their customers a great consultant activity. It is available a testing services with prototypes in order to carry on study of feasibility of Customer’s projects.

Zilli & Bellini is beside its Customers in developing technologies to improve the quality and the efficiency in food industries.


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