Planning And Realization Of Machineries For Oenological Sector

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Enomet Impianti S.r.l. it’s in the oenological sector from 1996 operating in planning and realization of machineries for oenological sector. Our Firm is formed from a team of 15 people with 2 Oenologists and different qualified Technicians. We operate in Italy and to the foreign countries, we develop projects of complete wine cellars and we occupy there both of the architectural part and technological, proposing innovative fittingses using ourselves of different brevets and of personnel that has matured an experience of 40 years in the sector. In particular, our activity concentrates on the project and development of new technologies, on the design of machines and processing lines, on the manufacturing and marketing of oenological plants, such as: – Destemmer-crushers and selection lines. – Membrane pneumatic presses. – Must clarificati n machines. – Vacuum rotary fil ers. – Kieselguhr fil ers. – Plate fil ers. – Cross-fl w fil ers. – Reverse osmosis. – Tartaric stabilization machines. – Cooling units. – Heat exchangers. – Control boards to control the fermentation temperatures. – Cooling plates. – Classic and Charmat method machines. – Machines for production of the beer. – Nitrogen generators and plants. – Machines for the recovery of CO2. – Automatic machine for Batonnage. – Bottling plants, automatic and semi- automatic. – Pumps of several types. – Stainless steel reservoirs. – Barriques, barrels and relevant fitings. – – Plant engineering and stainless steel pipe fittings The various phases of our activity, from the planning to the realization, they are mainly managed from our Technical Offic that uses in case of necessity qualified external Consultations. The installation of the fitingses, also when she is managed by external Enterprises, it is directly followed always by our Technicians. Furthermore, we inform You that we are able to give external technical assistance and repair also other machines not of our production, after having inspected them.

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