PLP SYSTEMS offers complete and customized solutions for dosing, coating and weighing of powders and liquids


Our teamwork, the technical competence and flexibility of our engineers are the key to our success. We attach great importance to being open to new ideas and unique solutions, this being an integral part of our PLP culture, but also innovation, precision and reliability.

PLP SYSTEMS continues to establish itself as one of the world leaders in the dosing of liquid components and in the micro dosing of ingredients in powder or granules, presenting to the market the most advanced technological solutions in the sector.

Both liquids and powders play a fundamental role in the creation of the final product and that is why the production processes of dosing, mixing and coating must be managed in an accurate and precise manner.

These are some of our solutions:

MDP, Micro Dosing for Powders (powder micro dosing) is a system used for the micro dosing of different types of powder ingredients. Size, capacity and logical function can be designed and adapted to meet customer needs.

The system is normally used as a batch dosing scale, dosing each powder individually into the weighing hopper. Other types of configurations are possible such as loss-in-weight dosing, continuous dosing and volumetric dosing.

The MDP has been designed with the aim of achieving a smooth manufacturing process and a simple maintenance system. A various range of products such as size, grain size and physical / chemical characteristics can be processed.

It has a wide dosage range, from a few grams to several kilograms and the hoopers dose up to 500 kg in just 3 minutes and the system is also able to handle special products thanks to the specific design of the individual hoppers.

The system is very compact, in fact a carousal of 12 dispensers can be housed in just 4 square meters. The manufacturing process is very simple, as the system can be supplied with the automation program complete with safety switches, barcode readers, alarms, reports and traceability database of the production process.

Proboera Description:

The proportional doser “ProBoera 1A” was introduced on the market to satisfy the expectations and needs of the wine sector. The technology used is the result of PLP’s extensive experience in dosing liquids in various sectors.

This machine is designed for use in oenology and in the beverage sector and more specifically for the dosage of gum arabic, sulfur dioxide, enzymes, dyes, acids, flavors or other liquid additives.

The PRO BOERA can be installed just before the bottling line, after microfiltration. It identifies the flow of wine (or other drinks) and automatically adjusts the addition of additives, up to 3 at the same time.

The operator will only have to set the percentage of product to add, after which the machine works in total autonomy.

Drum Description:

The “DRUM COATER“ drum coating system is a complete machine, capable of mixing in line croquettes, potato sticks, diced vegetables, oat flakes, cornflakes, puffed rice, cereals, rice, croutons, almonds, chips, walnuts, etc.

This type of system is used for the addition of liquid additives such as oil, dyes, chocolate, caramel, etc., and the addition of powder additives such as flavorings, spices, salt, dyes.

The drum has a valve system located on the discharge, which allows small batch mixes of the product with longer retention times.

This guarantees excellent coverage over the entire surface, even with a high percentage of additives.

The system is designed according to the production capacity by completely dimensioning the drum.

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