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PMR SYSTEM GROUP is a Leading Manufacturer of filling, capping and labelling machines.

The wide range of PMR proposals is addressed to the whole productive sectors and meets the most varied technical requirements.

No business district is precluded: from the industrial to the artisan one, from the serial to the prototype, all for a valid solution, standard or customized for all sectors: food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic industries.

Continuous technical improvements are essential to put together machines suitable to different applications from the design-in to the production process.

The commercial organization, with direct contact or through the presence of agents and authorized distributors, covers the entire Italian territory and allows us to reach all continents.

PMR filling units are for: creams, liquids and powder.

PMR capping units are for: screw, pressure, twist-off and trigger.

PMR labelling units are for: application front/back, top/bottom, wraparound and wraparound with security seal, print and apply, overprinting and labelling heads.

The experience, knowledge and abilities of PMR designers and engineers enable the constant monitoring of production processes, accordingly with the established delivery terms. Through national and international exhibitions PMR always offers novelties, accepting tougher challenges aimed at a constant and continuous improvement.

PMR SYSTEM GROUP is the ideal partner for your success.

Why choose PMR

High quality raw materials

Raw materials and components used in the production process of our machines are tested and guaranteed by our Engineering Team.

Very high reliability and ease of use

The equipment is designed and developed to offer customers a high level of quality and long term reliability.

In-house design and manufacturing

All manufacturing stages of the equipment are checked

out from the project kick off up until the manufacturing is completed.

Excellent quality / price ratio

Products combine a good quality level at a competitive price.

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