PND and its new mango peelers mod. PL4M and PL8M: the novelty of 2023


Innovation, reliability, speed.

These are only three of PND’s strengths, a company that is among the most important ones in the metalworking sector in the production of machinery for fruit processing. Founded in 2000, it specializes in the design and development of advanced systems for the ready-to-eat cooked products and for the industries of canned, frozen and dehydrated products.

The internationalization of the product is a company’s goal and, in fact, it operates on a global scale and is strongly present in Europe, South America, the United States, Asia, Australia and Africa. A business relating to export, which is worth 90% of the total turnover, also thanks to highly specialized and trained multilingual collaborators.

There are 19 machines in the catalogue that are easy to intuit, use and maintain: peeling machines, automatic and manual cutters and coring machines for the processing of different varieties of fruit, keeping their organoleptic characteristics unchanged.

PND is also committed to providing customized solutions for line completion, tailored to the needs of the customer, a vision that allows to pay attention to technological performance, perfectly customized, taking into account the needs of those who choose them.

The novelty in 2023 is the brand new mango peeler mod. PL8M achieving the production of 112 fruits/minute: it is a restyling, an optimization, of the 6-head version (36-42 fruits/min), born more than 10 years ago. Next to the new PL8M model and the yet best seller PL6M, you can also find the smallest model: the PL4M peeler, with 4 processing heads (24-28 fruits/min), also extremely performing and fast.

The machine, entirely made of stainless steel and with materials that comply with food standards, is able to peel any shape, size and, above all, any fruit ripening. An advantage that cannot be found in any other machinery on the market, a unique plus.

The mango peelers are manually loaded and very simple to use: the operator loads the fruits manually on a fruit trolley and the fruit is easily and productively peeled. For PL6M and PL4M models, one operator per load is sufficient. For the new PL8M model two people are needed, due to the large size of the machine and the high speed with which it works.

The PL8M has a production capacity of 112 fruits per minute and is one of the most requested machines. There are 160 mango peelers in the world, with a considerable demand in South America, especially in Peru.

The advantages for the PL8M model are considerable and relate to space optimization, savings in manpower and processing flexibility. The company has decided to embrace all production capacities, from the most extensive to the smallest. This is possible thanks to the collaboration of customers: listening to the consumer and paying attention to their needs and demands are the focus of activities.

Relying on PND means receiving personalised assistance. As a matter of fact, customer care is quick and effective and covers every latitude. All consumable spare parts and routine maintenance components are always available in a short time.

The company has managed to win the trust of both industry technicians and customers, who recognize in its machinery irreplaceable partners, which adapt to every need.

You can visit the website to take a look at the catalogue of available lines, as well as to discover the fair events in which the company will participate.

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