PND SRL, The original one: beware of clumsy attempts of imitation!


“The satisfaction of seeing that companies in our sector with many years of experience use images and videos of our creations covered by copyright and try in vain to replicate our technological capacity is priceless! For everything else there is PND, the real one… BEWARE OF CLUMSY ATTEMPTS OF IMITATION!”

Specialization, customer care, continuous innovation, custom technology and an extensive knowledge of international markets are just some of the features that have enabled PND srl to be among the leading companies in the world in manufacturing and sale of fruit processing machinery.

This experience has, in 22 years of activity, allowed PND to bring continuous improvements to the machinery in its extensive catalogue, which includes advanced solutions for processing of pears, apples, kiwis, oranges, grapefruits, lemons, pineapples, lemons, mangoes, strawberries and peaches, with all possible variations in order to meet the needs of companies processing fresh products for Fruit Fresh Cut, canning industry (jam and canned peaches in syrup), and dried and frozen sectors.

One example is the PL6M, a semi-automatic peeler with six processing heads, initially dedicated to peeling mango: nowadays it is also able to peel kiwi.

The advantages of PL6M, that is: adjusting the peel thickness, managing the production speed and the rotation of the fruit through an inverter, associated with the possibility of processing fruits of different calibre without any adjustment and with fast maintenance, are now available for both mango and kiwi.

When choosing one of the 18 semi-automatic machines, manual or automatic ones in the PND catalogue, you are choosing a standard machine that can be tailored to your needs. One example is the new coring – ring machine mod.

DRR, which is capable of coring and slicing apples and peaches, with a minimum round cut thickness: 3 mm. The loading plate rotates at regular steps, so that when the plate stops, the three work operations of manual loading, coring and slicing are carried out at the same time.

The loading plate rotates at regular steps, speed chosen by the customer. When the plate stops, the three operations are carried out at the same time: manual loading, coring and cutting in ring.

Relying on PND means having personalized assistance anywhere with specialized technicians who can speak several languages and count on-site support for offices in Europe, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, South Korea, Egypt, Vietnam, Tanzania, Australia, China, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Qatar. In fact, the human element is one of the main resources of this company where mechanics and technique are its strengths.

Despite the widespread presence of PND representatives in several continents, when there is a new machine to be installed, there is always an expert who comes from the Head Office and follows the process until it is completed.

An assumption of responsibility that is a guarantee for the client, who knows, from the first moment, that he will be constantly assisted by first promotion until the equipment is in run.

Constant care to the needs of its customers is a winning strategy that allows continuous updating in the field and the response to the needs of its customers as it is able to offer customized processing lines.

The chance of a continuously confront with customers from all over the World offers the opportunity for PND technicians to face new challenges and understand for themselves what their customers need.


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