Re Pietro’s Innovation for the production of cereal cakes and no-fried snacks

POPPING MACHINE RP-EVO is the press of the latest generation manufactured by Re Pietro Srl to produce both cereal cakes and no-fried snacks, products that following a worldwide trend are having a constantly increase in demand. 

With this new press, the highly innovative attitude of Re Pietro Srl is setting new standards in cereal cakes and snacks production, by offering one solution that will revolutionise and simplify the manufacturing of these products. In fact, once the mould has been chosen and installed, the POPPING MACHINE RP-EVO transforms the cereals and/or the micropellets into fragrant cakes or crunchy snacks. 

Its efficiency and flexibility allow to have a wider range of products, using one press only. 

Nowadays these products not only are appreciated as healthy alternatives to conventional bread, but they are also valued for their versatility by professionals and consumers: they are perfect as carbs supply during meals, as crunchy snacks for a quick bite or as fancy decorations to dishes and desserts.  

By using the new POPPING MACHINE RP-EVO you can maintain the taste and freshness of the raw material used whether it is rice or legumes, corn or cereal mix or even various types of micros pellets, so that you can offer to your customers a tasty and healthy product with a wide choice of flavours and shapes. 

You may wonder how many moulds and which shapes can allow you to produce both cakes and snacks with our new press. Round big and small, round with ridges, triangular or square, hexagonal and rectangular just to name a few. But we can also produce customised moulds based on the customers’ requests. 


It has a nickel coated steel structure, certified food contact material, a stainless-steel electric panel with a side rotating and swivelling touch screen control panel, set at eye’s level for easier use.  

The POPPING MACHINE RP-EVO is equipped with a hydraulic system that produces the high pressure needed for the expansion of the cereals or micropellet turning them into fragrant cakes or crispy snacks.  

The volumetric dosing is carried out by a pneumatically operated feeding plate. 

The moulds which shape the popped cakes and snacks are made by hardened steel coated with titanium nitride, to guarantee solidity and a long-lasting life, and to prevent the sticking of the products on the moulds.  

The moulds, as well as all the parts that get in touch with the products, comply with the MOCA specification for food processing machines as per Reg. No.1935/2004 CE (MOCA compliance). The upper and lower moulds are heated by cartridge heaters separately controlled by thermoregulators. Each press has got its own PLC (Siemens S7-1200) and 7” control panel. From the HMI it is possible to set up each production phase, to save the recipes and check any malfunctioning thanks to its efficient diagnostic system. 

POPPING MACHINE RP-EVO is another milestone in the production of Re Pietro Srl, where the manufacturing of food processing machines and plants has always been approached with an eye to innovation and development, relying on 90 years of solid experience.  

In fact, the Company, surrounded by paddy fields in the southern outskirts of Milan, celebrate this year the 90th anniversary of the great intuition of its founder Mr Carlo Re, who saw the potential of rice and its processing. Without forgetting the incredible added value of the Made in Italy quality. 


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