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PRISMATECH specialises in the production of systems for beverages and other liquids for the food industry, in particular for soft drink manufacturing, as well as alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, mineral water and other liquid food.

Thanks to our high standards, our products guarantee constant energy savings in water, electricity and steam. The use of advanced technology makes it possible to create equipment suitable for medium-sized companies, simplifying industrial processes with a complete assurance of safety and maximum quality.

We use the highest quality materials and are proud of our ‘Made-In-Italy’ ethos. At PRISMATECH you are guaranteed a quality plant, realised in AISI 304 or 316L stainless steel for contact with the product. We are able to offer various types of certifications for your alimentary sector needs.

We value the importance of supporting our clients at every stage, offering professionalism, reliability and a spirit of cooperation. We guarantee you an active support network before, during and after the sale; throughout assembly, disassembly and maintenance of our systems.

We don’t make standard machines: every client is treated as an individual and we pride ourselves on creating a unique project for each and every request with full continued collaboration throughout the design process and construction process as well as offering training on the use of the machinery at the installation stage as required.

Our industrial drink machines include: full turnkey processing lines as well as water treatment plants, reverse osmosis, syrup rooms, fruit juice preparation plants, saturators and carbonators, pasteurisers and homogenisers, CIP systems, batch sugar dissolvers, continuous sugar dissolvers, filtration units, deaeration plants, Premix machines, as well as various kinds of preparation tank, available with or without insulation.


From 19th to 22nd March 2024 PRISMATECH will be exhibiting for the first time at Anuga FoodTec in Cologne, Germany (Hall 4.1, Stand B059). During the trade fair, which is a main reference for the Food & Beverage industry worldwide, PRISMATECH’s innovative machinery and solutions will be introduced to an ever-greater number of people, particularly the new MIX-TECH and the benefits it offers in terms of energy and improved performance.

The MIX-TECH is designed to produce a wide variety of beverages: both non-alcoholic and alcoholic; carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks; and even carbonated and flavoured water. All this with a single machine, so that the most diverse requirements can be met whilst also reducing waste and costs.

The MIX-TECH system allows the deaeration, mixing and carbonation of drinks and is designed to produce high quality products with more precision and less waste thanks to its software with an innovative user interface.

The new MIX-TECH mixer is more compact and its dimensions favour packing in a single container for more sustainable shipping. In addition, the optimisation of the technology used ensures significant energy and water savings, and the implementation of integrated control systems allows continuous monitoring of all parameters, ensuring the production of a high-quality beverage that passes all quality control tests, and reducing product waste.

Complete compatibility with existing or new CIP and filling systems means that PRISMATECH’s MIX-TECH is the right choice for all those who are seeking long-term quality beverage production.

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