PROXAUT: solutions for intra-logistics and material handling

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PROXAUT was established in 1996 since the beginning developed software for automatic system

Software dedicated to management, contr ol and supervision in the  plant focusing on the handling and later on warehousing.PROXAUT answered to the growing up needs of the market, started to including the production of automatic guided vehicle with different type of navigation systems, laser, floor wire, magnetic spot. During nearly 20 years of activity in logistics and experience in the implementation of automated systems for factories producing consumer goods, they have given Proxaut the awareness of being a global provider of innovative solutions for intra-logistics and material handling to optimize the supply chain of warehouses, and production facilities worldwide. Strengths of Proxaut are modular solutions that can be installed step by step and this allows to implement the system without stoppage of production in existing plants, allowing you to improve efficiency both for the management of consumables for the activities of production and dispatch improving safety in the factory. The technologies used in our solutions are fully designed, engineered, manufactured and installed by Proxaut. This means that we have a complete mastery of the system. We produce a wide range of AGV models, we have extended engineering capabilities in studying and simulating automatic systems  we provide effective systems of groundbreaking technology, in efficiency, reliability and safety. We design customized systems for our customer reference list and also for other industrial sectors where products must be handled and transferred in automatic. Today the changing market is increasingly demanding, for this reason we believe that integration, flexibility and security are key elements that respond to the needs of today but can adapt to follow the growth and changing customer needs in the future. PROXAUT  draws of experience, expertise and know-how in automating handling systems and offers a comprehensive technical study with the scope of determining the appropriate integrated solution according to the customer’s needs.


Previous situation

Warehousing activities of picking up of the pallets through forklift drivers to operate in cold room at temperatures of -28° C. Operators, wearing protective work clothing to work at low temperatures, with the obligation to stay at least 30 min. at pleasant temperature after 90 min. permanent work in cold room.

Customer’ needs

  • Eliminate the thermal stress to operators.
  • Improve the efficiency of the work cycle.
  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Increasing security and quality.


  • Efficiency.
  • Eliminating human mistakes origin,of damages to the products and the enviroment.
  • Space and internal logistics optimization (work flows).
  • Company’s innovative and technological growth.
  • Retun on investment (R.O.I.) in the medium / short term.

Current situation

The customer with the installation of an automatic handling system with AGV, performs all the operations of wharehousing  and picking up of the pallets inside the cold room with racks  6 meters high  at  -28 ° C.

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