Rademaker, innovative solutions for the bakery industry

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RademakerAt Rademaker they have managed to transform the bakery traditions of the past into robust, state-of-the-art industrial bakery production lines that meet and exceed customer requirements all over the world. The Middle East region is an important region for the Dutch company and therefore they are proud to present their production solutions at Gulfood Manufacturing: B4-2 (Hall 4). A booth well worth visiting.

Founded in 1977, Rademaker was one of the first companies to specialize in the development and supply of innovative solutions for the bakery industry.

Today, Rademaker is one of the frontrunners in the bakery industry, with global presence and a service that goes well beyond the delivery and installation of bakery production lines alone. Dedicated, highly skilled and experienced professionals employ the latest engineering technology to provide customers with solutions that allow them to face the future with confidence.

Based upon customer requirements, Rademaker food technicians combine customized innovations with the latest standard technology, resulting in flexible production lines and turnkey solutions.

Rademaker 2It is no surprise that dough processing holds no secrets to Rademaker. Rademaker solutions are geared towards the customer’s specific dough process and products. The development process starts in the Rademaker Technology Centre, here production processes are tested in an optimal testing environment. Rademaker technologists develop the best products their customers demand and translate these into a Rademaker production line that will yield maximal results in terms of product quality and return on investment, with a focus on ingredient and waste reduction. The Rademaker portfolio contains a wide range of dough processing machines. Rademaker incorporated its bread knowhow into the flexible Crusto bread line that allows its users to anticipate the future requirements of their markets.

Designed to produce a wide range of breads, the machine allows fast product changeovers and expansion with customized additions.

This way the customer can easily adapt their product range. The Rademaker Flatbread production line is able to produce a wide variety of high quality flatbreads to lusciously topped pizzas.

Croissant production lines were among the very first Rademaker bakery production lines. Today, Rademaker is the recognized leader in flexible croissant lines, guaranteeing large quantities.
Over three decades of experience become evident in an unsurpassed dough quality.
The secret of good croissant dough and pastries originates in the laminator
Rademaker is an expert in stressfree dough sheeting and handling and has valuable experience in sheeting technology.
That is why Rademaker developed four different laminator methods, based on market-driven research and development. Rademaker Laminators guarantee high output and the very best quality.

They can be developed both as a block processor or a fully automated laminator. By adding the Rademaker Pastry Make-up line also a wide range of pastry products ca be produced.

Rademaker also offers production solutions for pie and quiche products with their Pie line. When a full production facility is needed, the Rademaker System Integration Department steps in.

They have a tremendous insight in the systems that are available from third party suppliers. For each project, the optimum combination of these systems is found.

Rademaker is independent in choosing third party suppliers. We can therefore objectively assess both the individual and overall performance and strengths.
The selection of partners is the result of Rademaker’s quest for the best: we select partners that will go the extra mile in terms of product innovation & services.

A unique combination of proven and new technology plus attention for detail, all based on customer requirements, guarantee Rademaker to be the perfect partner in the bakery industry.

Therefore it is no surprise that Rademaker has proven itself as a worth full partner for the Worldwide baking industry.


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