SALIMIX CAL: the definitive solution for the best efficiency and yield of your cheeses


After years of studies, research and development about the colloidal characteristic of the milk and its implications for the coagulation, SCA is proud to announce that developed a special and specific product “SALIMIX CAL”: a colloidal dispersion of calcium phosphate in water solutions.

SCA has been the sole company, on the world stage, able to create a calcium phosphate in colloidal dispersion, mission considered impossible before, obtaining the unique and most innovative technological adjuvant for the milk coagulation.

The milk mineralization is the main factor of its own coagulation. The proper disposition of ion bridges stabilizes its structure, based on colloidal calcium phosphate.

The casein micelles are permanently in colloidal dispersion in the fresh milk. Constantly moving, they move in short distance entering in collision one each other against fat cell, changing direction. During the renneting is fundamental that any collision can be potentially 100% positive.

Unfortunately, the thermal treatments (from the cooling, storage and then pasteurization), reduce its mineralization: it’s known that any milk when in the vat and ready for the coagulation has already lost an average of 20% of its CCP and this reduce the positive collisions causing weaker milk clots.

The technological knowledge allows to say that Ca++ is the main important salt ion but not the unique. In the event of ion losses distributed proportionally within the existing ion (CCP), the actual dairy technology is still based on the Ca++ ion only.

This practice is correct, however the use of only a “strong” ion like Calcium, “force” the protein structure triggering a partial self- replacement towards the remaining ions.

The effect of that is the typical problem connected with the downsizing of the spatial structure for the reduction of the bridges, which ever causes yield losses.

The role covered by SALIMIX CAL in this process is to create the best electrostatic and covalent bonds to facilitate 100% positive collisions with the formations of bridges among and between micelles. Its native structure stabilizes the casein micelles acting as cement of the hundreds submicelles.

Adding SALIMIX CAL, instead of using the sole ion Ca++, the original spatial structure is restored. It doesn’t induce the narrowing of the curds, as it could happen with the use of Ca++, but it guarantees the full and perfect elasticity which is the base to eliminate the formation of “fines” and the losses of fat in the whey, ensuring the highest possible yield. Contact us for more information and to organize tests.

The other SCA products are:

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SALIMIX: technological adjuvants 100% based on SCA technology and developed for

•SALIMIX RIC are the key product for the production of the best RICOTTA;

•SALIMIX N to correct the acidity of milk and whey;

•SALIMIX LG to control the osmosis process into the protective liquid of mozzarella or other white cheeses.

•SALIMIX MAC for the best structure of mascarpone.

SCA is an Italian food company established in Emilia-Romagna Food Valley for over 35 years. SCA has constantly produced and researched, for the dairy industry, ingredients and natural processing aids related to the Mediterranean food tradition to offer the best to the final customer who is at the top of the mission statement.

SCA is certified with FSSC 22.000, ISO 9001 and ISO 22.000, Organic, Halal and Kosher. It is established both on the national and international markets.

 SCA also distributes Domca products dedicated to any shelf-life problem, based on natural ingredients of vegetable origin. Starting from plant matrix, the company has developed the research and extraction of natural molecules with an antibacterial and preservative action.

The long study of the Allium ssp. and its compounds has allowed the creation of standardized and natural products for the improvement of shelf-life. They are also successfully used throughout the supply chain of the agro-food sector, from organic products to finished products such as cheeses, fresh meat and fish products.

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