SCA: production of ingredients and technological adjuvants for the food sector


SCA is an Italian food company based in the Food Valley that puts the customer, its needs and its productive competence in the first place of its business and research. All in the wake of the Mediterranean food tradition.

SCA for over 30 years has constantly produced and researched ingredients and technological adjuvants for the sectors:

DAIRY: (Salimix, Lacfood, Ovilac, Vitalmix, Gelcream,) intended to produce cheese, ricotta, mascarpone, yogurt, processed cheeses, and other dairy specialties

CONFECTIONERY (Gelfood, Gelcream) developed for the confectionery products and in ice cream production.

VEGAN (Wixamix, Gelfood, Cycrom) intended for all vegetable -based productions, sustainable vegans, Kosher and Halal Solutions of plant origin for the conservation of products in the food industry.

• The DAIRY field is the “historical” one for which SCA has been known and appreciated for many years all over the world. Among all the products is increasingly spread the VITALMIX PED in the bioprotection of all dairy products and foods.

• In the CONFECTIONERY field and ICE CREAM, the recently introduced GELCREAM line, an innovative line of performant milk proteins:

GELCREAM G: for traditional artisanal ice cream richer taste,

GELCREAM L: to obtain light ice cream without stabilizer. Thanks to innovative technologies, we induced structural and three -dimensional changes to milk proteins, allowing an important improvement in natural emulsifying properties with the best organoleptic characteristic in different applications.

• Since last year SCA has developed a brand-new line of VEGAN ingredients:

Both WIXaMIX and GELFOOD are complex and unique ingredients that allow the instant preparation of VEGAN alternatives to cheeses and meat, ideal for any production, simply by adding water to the preparation. The advantages are the high protein content, clean label, no allergen, stabilizing, thickening and preservative, no GMOs, absence of gluten and hydrogenated oils, only 6 vegetable ingredients.

SCA also distributes Domca products dedicated to any shelflife problem, based on natural ingredients of vegetable origin. Starting from plant matrix, the company has developed the research and extraction of natural molecules with an antibacterial and preservative action.

The long study of the Allium ssp. and its compounds has allowed the creation of standardized and natural products for the improvement of shelf-life.

They are also successfully used throughout the supply chain of the agro-food sector, from organic products to finished products such as cheeses, fresh meat and fish products.

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