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If your company produces wines or spirits, you will certainly know that packaging is a great promotional tool for fixing the quality and value of your product in the consumers’ mind in a unique and permanent way.

Packaging plays a key role in driving customers’ choices towards packs characterized by an appealing aesthetics, ease of use and product protection.

In order to achieve all this, it is important to have quick and flexible packaging machines, such as the overlapping cardboard sleeve packers from the MP ERGON range, that pack a wide range of glass, aluminium and plastic containers in several pack configurations (i.e 1×3, 1 x4, 2×2, 2×3 and 2×4) in OTT or NT style, with a production speed up to 300 packs per minute.

It protects your products:
  • the continuous-cycle packaging system of MP ERGON ensures a smooth production process that preserves the product integrity and quality;
  • the pack bottom sealing with hot melt glue is precise and long-lasting;
  • packs in cardboard sleeves are shockproof and easy to handle, open and store.
It attracts consumers:
  • a nice package draws the consumer’s attention and influences his purchasing decision, thanks to an original, innovative and practical design that easily communicates the product advantages;
  • SMI machines from MP ERGON range are the ideal solution for making packs with a captivating graphic design and with a strong visual impact.

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