20 years of Partnership: the relationship between the Farchioni group and P.E. Labellers is a success story, grown in the name of collaboration and continuous innovation.

Quality – Environment – Safety. These are the pillars on which the Farchioni group has been based since 1780. Today the brand is recognized as an undisputed world leader in the production and sale of unfiltered extra virgin olive oil.

A focus on quality and an emphasis on innovation brought Farchioni Olii and P.E. Labellers together, paving the way for a success story that has lasted twenty years.

In twenty years of working together, Farchioni has purchased ten P.E. labelling machines, installed in the Gualdo Cattaneo and Giano facilities in Umbria, consolidating a well-established partnership.

The common goal: flexibility and accuracy in labelling each bottle, to optimise the company’s production processes and put perfect products on the supermarket shelves.

Modular SL is the labelling solution that Farchioni continues to choose – ideal for its extreme versatility and on-board technological innovation.

Modular SL is an icon of flexibility: a multi-configuration and multi-technology machine, capable of incorporating interchangeable labelling units, with all the application technology on board. A single machine, in seven different diameters, with mobile or fixed labelling stations, and a production speed of up to 72,000 BpH. Ideal for the Food & Dairy sector, and also very popular in the Beverage, Wine & Spirits, HC & PC, Chemical and Pharma sectors.

One of many special solutions is the automatic label feeder, which fully meets all the needs for non-stop production, with no downtime, making the operator’s job much easier and increasing the overall efficiency of the line.

“The relationship between Farchioni and P.E. Labellers developed in parallel – says Ing. Riccardo Cerbini, Facility Director of Farchioni Olii – we grew together in a highly productive way, in an atmosphere of mutual trust. What impressed us from the very beginning about P.E. was the immense passion that everyone poured into what they did: we immediately felt on the same wavelength because we have the same approach to our work. This is how we initiated the relationship between our companies and designed the first P.E. labeller for Farchioni. We ended up not buying six, but ten Modular SL models from then until now.”

The next steps: what do you expect from the future and how do you prepare for it?

“Overall, the Food sector is in a tough spot at the moment, especially when it comes to oil”, continues Riccardo Cerbini. “Nature basically does as it pleases… in the last two years, yields have been 40% less than average. We can expect a significant increase in costs, which unfortunately will also impact the end consumer. Our task will be to concentrate as far as possible on ensuring a constant, high quality raw material to be put on the market with continuous production.

Farchioni has always stood for one thing: guaranteeing the end consumer a product that is excellent value for money. In order to do this, we have to be highly efficient, and, above all, extremely flexible, including in the investments that need to be made and the ability to manage warehouses and reduce stock. So, what we expect from the food market, at least over the next two years, is a response to the needs of large-scale organised distribution.

Having a line in Farchioni now, that I believe is the fastest ever in the oil sector, effectively reaching 20,000 bottles an hour, serves precisely this purpose and we will move increasingly in this direction, with the aim of promptly supplying the consumer with a product that is always fresh. To achieve these results, we will have to make further investments in technology, but we are ready. And we have the right partners to do this.”

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