TARNOS ELECTROMAGNETIC vibration for fruit and vegetable packaging


The features of the new generation TARNOS vibrators, which have been manufactured at its facilities in Madrid for more than 60 years, have given a solid boost to its applications within the food sector, specifically for the Fruit and Vegetable Industry. 

These are compact vibrators prepared for larger trays, whose high-frequency amplitude and low amplitude transport and dose the product without damaging it, with instantaneous speed control, and in optimal cleaning conditions. 

This product care is especially important for the handling of fruits and vegetables so that they are not damaged throughout the process until they are packaged. 

The specifications and finishes of the equipment meet the most demanding hygiene standards in the sector, protection against dust and water IP66, stainless components, FDA paint, among the most common. 

Precisely due to the high sanitary requirements, vibrating equipment is especially suitable for the food sectors, since, not only are they easy to clean, but they also avoid product remains and traces along the surfaces in contact with the material manipulated. 

The instantaneous regulation units present variants depending on the needs of the installation: double speed, manual or signal regulation, different IP finishes, etc. 

The electromagnetic vibrating system shown in the image includes a product reception and distribution section, followed by dispensers with independent speeds and start-stops that make them ideal for product weighing or counting equipment. 

There has been recent cooperation with packaging companies on projects that respect the environment, in which efficient electromagnetic technology, the high hygiene standard, and the most innovative packaging that makes use of recycled, compostable and biodegradable materials, make the perfect combination to take care of our planet. 


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