TARNOS electromagnetic vibration for the confectionery and the bakery industry


The features of the new generation TARNOS vibrators, which have been manufactured at its facilities in Madrid for more than 60 years, have given a solid boost for its applications within the food sector, specifically for the confectionery and the bakery industry.

This electromagnetic equipment works with a very little amplitude but high frequency to feed product, even powder, very uniformly and instantly controlled.

The specifications and finishes of the equipment meet the most demanding hygiene standards in the sector, protection against dust and water IP66, stainless components, FDA paint, among the most common.

Precisely due to the high sanitary requirements, vibrating equipment is especially suitable for the food sectors, since, not only, they are easy to clean, but they also avoid product remains and traces along the surfaces in contact with the material manipulated.

The instantaneous regulation units present variants depending on the needs of the installation: double speed, manual or signal regulation, different IP finishes, etc.

The electromagnetic vibrating applications shown in the pictures are:

• Seasoning feeder for salt, spices, and other additives.

• Spreading vibration feeder for sugar glass, chocolate drops or any kind of toppings.

In both cases, the purpose is the supply a curtain of products uniformly, like sugar sprinkles in cakes, chocolate drops in cookies, toppings over muffins, etc.


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