TECNOCEAM 2021: With You In The Field Of MPV (Minimally Processed Vegetables) To Continue To Grow

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The year 2020 saw TECNOCEAM, from its headquarters in Collecchio (PARMA, Italy), remain solid, guaranteeing its partners reliable, timely and continuous support. Since 1979, the Company, always attentive to seize consumer trends and to identify and meet market needs early, has participated in significant developments in the consumer sector, adapting to challenges from different fronts. It has always managed to face them successfully by developing alternatives and increasing its efficiency.

Having been using the software connection and the 4.0 interface for some time, we can constantly monitor the operation of our machinery, regardless of logistical distances, thus being able to promptly solve any hitch, find solutions to unblock production stops and prevent system failures.

Flexibility and proactive attitude are our constant.
With these proven strengths and an increased team spirit, in 2021 we are ready to continue growing together with our historic international Customers, who continue to choose us to innovate, and new enterprising and courageous Companies, which need to invest in a reliable partner to do better and more, and therefore turn to us for our know-how and expertise. We are all convinced that, despite the pandemic, consumer needs and the evolutionary trend of food technology will continue to tend towards minimally processed fresh vegetable food products with incisive service performance, ready and simple to eat. Foreseeably, the focus will tighten on the guarantee of food safety of these “lightlyprocessed” products and the greater preservation of their natural contents according to even more rigorous quality standards. At the same time, the reduction of energy costs and the urgent need to make production processes increasingly respectful of the environment will be primary.

Our short-term goal is to make available to our Customers various innovations and upgrades in the field of hygienic design, sustainability and the development of new tools for service. With our skills, your inputs and precious collaboration we are ready to modernize the field of MPV together and give it new life.

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