Telos Cardboard Packaging

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TELOS – ENGINEERING FOR PACKAGING is a box factory based in the province of Verona that collects 30 years of experience gained in the cardboard packaging sector. It manufactures corrugated cardboard boxes to meet the most modern packaging needs in the most varied product sectors. More recently, Telos has specialized in the design of ad hoc packaging purposefully designed to meet specific needs: from the transport of fragile materials, to transition to eco-friendly packaging, to requests for integrated packaging with cardboard pallets.

Ecopalbox is the 100% cardboard pallet, completely recyclable and ecosustainable. Thanks to its particular modular interlocking structure, Ecopalbox is the only cardboard pallet that carries loads even with undistributed weight.
It is available in the classic sizes: 60×40, 80×60 and 120×80, but also in a long series of variants: from small sizes for displays to bigger sizes for extra-large products.

The advantages that Ecopalbox offers to the food industry are considerable: starting from the integration into the manufacturing processes, as it is designed to allow automatic palletization at the end of the production, packaging or bottling line; to the storage of materials, since the cardboard pallet allows storage within the production laboratories; up to shipments, thanks to the significant weight savings and high recyclability. Furthermore, Ecopalbox can be supplied disassembled to be assembled on site, thus saving additional space in the warehouse.
Ecopalbox does not require any sanitary certificati n, must not be treated for mold or insect infestation and meets all health and hygiene standards for international shipments (exempt from ISPM15 phytosanitary measures).
Finally, all the elements of Ecopalbox can be printed with the company logo or with customized prints, acting as a promotional vehicle.

SpazioZero is the revolutionary Telos branded box-pallet that can be assembled and disassembled in less
than a minute. The packaging consists in a complete pallet box hold in little more than the small encumbrance of the cardboard pallet. SpazioZero goes beyond the concept of ecological packaging, it’s reusable: it is a packaging that, once emptied, must be disassembled and returned to the sender, triggering a virtuous circle of returnable voids which also allows to reduce the cost of packaging itself.
SpazioZero is also available in the version with wooden pallet: Spazio Zero Cardboard & Wood.

EcoFold is the newest Telos proposal for the protection and packaging of products such as snacks, bars, chocolate sticks, flatbr ads and the like.
It is a solution with a handmade and minimal look, with a rustic but refined charm; always keeping an eye on ecosustainability, typical of all Telos products.
EcoFold, in fact, is made entirely of corrugated cardboard which, in addition to giving a green appearance to the packaging, absorbs any impacts and prevents damage to the product inside, while letting the content see through thanks to the front opening.
Obviously EcoFold can be printed on request.

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