The bar that serves rainwater!

Casa del Agua, in Messico, nasce come bar ecologico nel 2012 da un’idea di Bosco Quinzaños, che ha dato vita ad uno scenario originale dove le protagoniste sono le bottiglie di vetro di acqua piovana recuperata.

A totally green business concept!

Innovating to attract consumers and beat the competition by launching new models of development, able to fulfill consumer expectations, especially concerning environmental sustainability.
The new eco-friendly concept of Casa del Agua stands out for the idea behind the store: selling rainwater!

An idea, halfway between original and bizarre, that is carried out in full view of the customers, through the collection, filtration, distillation, purification and bottling of water into recyclable and screen-printed glass bottles.

Results are extraordinary because every liter of rainwater used is a liter of underground water saved, which helps prevent the deterioration of underground water basins.

From a mostly manual to an automatic production is only a short step, thanks to the new turn-key line provided by ENOBERG, that includes: a rotary monobloc from the ELC 12-12-1 B A series; a rotary table to manually upload the bottles; inspection systems for checking the level, the presence and correct position of the cap; a progressive expeller to expel any non-compliant bottles and a saturator to carbonate the water.

From rainwater… to drinkable following the rhythm of music!

Converting rainwater to drinkable water is a long process, that requires about 60 hours, but occurs harmoniously, since it is accompanied by classical music. The process starts with the collection of rainwater on the terrace of Casa del Agua; then it is conveyed into a 2,500 liter tank for the automatic bottling thanks to the new line provided by Enoberg.

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