The market is changing! Are you ready to adapt the production?


What are the news in the food and beverage market?

Consumer habits change more and more frequently. This trend requires industry operators to continuously keep up to date to catch the opportunities offered by the market, thus adapting the production processes accordingly.

How is the packaging industry evolving?

More and more often, the companies of this sector tend to opt for flexible and environmentally sustainable packaging solutions, suitable for meeting any new market requirement in terms of convenience and product use, as well as awareness towards environmental matters.

This results in a growing need to rely on highly versatile and efficient plants, capable of quickly and easily switching from one type of production to another.

Which solutions does technology offer?

Today technical evolution allows to choose production plants equipped with advanced automation and smart technologies, such as the combined packers, capable of frequently switching from one product to another or from one pack to another.

What is the response of SMI?

CM R ERGON combined packer!

SMI proposes the CM R series, a solution that enables to handle several products and realize a wide range of packs with a single machine: film onlycardboard pad+filmtray+filmtray onlycompletely closed wrap-around cases and partially closed cases.


What are the main strengths of the CM R ERGON range?

The new packer stands out for its innovative fast format changeover system, called revolving, which enables to automatically switch from packaging in film only to tray+film or to wrap-around case without any manual intervention for the replacement of components or adjustment of machine devices. Everything, in fact, is carried out by means of the selection of parameters from the operator panel.

What lies behind the development of the new CM R ERGON?

The idea to develop the new revolving system was related to the need to ensure very easyfastprecise and repeatable format changeover operations and to offer an extremely innovative solution to all those companies that have to make frequent switches and pack several products or realize different types of packing.

What is the revolving format changeover?

It is composed of two rotary modules: the first positioned in the cardboard/loose product advance area (Rotary module 1) and the second positioned in the area of box/tray formation and loose product flow (Rotary module 2).

The two rotary modules are fitted with double equipment, and the rotation by 180 degrees of a single or both modules allows to obtain different pack combinations by means of the CM R combined packer.


  • no mechanical adjustments are required for the machine reconfiguration
  • tooling operations are easy and fast
  • format changeover, totally automated, is fast, repeatable and precise
  • format changeover times are drastically reduced
  • higher precision, as rotary modules have already been fitted with the equipment for the various processes
  • greater efficiency in the production plants that require frequent switches
  • reduction in the number of rejects and in machine downtime
  • low maintenance and installation costs
  • mistakes by the operator can be eliminated, as the adjustments to be performed are set within the machine control system.

To have further information on the packaging solutions supplied by SMI, do not hesitate to contact our sales department.

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