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Escher Mixers specializes in the production of mixing machinery for the bread and pastry-making sectors. Over the years we have gained specialized knowledge that has allowed us to develop machines and solutions to meet the needs of a variety of clients and different types of markets. Our machines are renowned for their sturdiness, durability, accurate finishes, and for the quality of the dough they produce.

BAKERY Equipment

We propose Spiral and Wendel mixing concepts. Both solutions can be with removable bowl through a Patented® bowl locking and motion system MR-MW Line or bottom discharge system MD-MDW Line with conveyors belts or bowl lifters which can be matched with automatic solutions with linear system and storage of the resting bowls in vertical or linear storages, rotating automatic systems-carousel,  scraps recovery systems, transverse hopper systems and star-cutting / guillotine / roller with guillotine and other customized solutions.

PASTRY Equipment

The range of Planetary Mixers with double tool for the pastry industry is characterized by the lack of oil lubrication systems, improving hygiene and reducing machine maintenance. A wide range of inter- changeable tools is available for different uses and doughs. For industrial productions, we have developed the PM-D Line with independent tool movement, with individual speed regulation and the possibility to reverse the motion.

While the PMDB Line with the bridge structure allows automatic insertion of the ingredients, air insufflation to reduce mixing times and increase volume, dough processing with negative / positive pressure and cleaning through CIP washing system. Various bowl discharge options are available. 


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