Toghether against the COVID emergency

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The health emergency that is affecting Italy, especially the district of Bergamo, related to the Coronavirus pandemic, can be faced only with the help of everyone!

In this dramatic moment we also want to make our own contribution to support, as far as possible, the improvement of the health situation in our country” declares Paolo Nava – CEO of SMI S.p.A.

The SMI Group showed concrete closeness to the territory and to all those who are working hard to face this emergency with a donation of € 120,000, through the company SMIPACK, to the municipality of San Giovanni Bianco for health activities aimed at reducing the spread of Covid-19 and a donation of € 200,000, through the company SMILAB, to Mario Negri Institute in Bergamo, for research activities aimed at defeating the virus.

In difficult times like the ones we are going through, we believe that the value of solidarity is the best cure.

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