Tradition, Innovation and Quality: The Perfect Triangle of Panificio Colacchio


In the context of Calabria’s exceptional culinary landscape, Panificio Colacchio stands out as a unique reference point, where tradition, innovation, and quality merge in an extraordinary combination. This company is much more than just a producer of gastronomic delicacies; it’s a perfect example of how traditional art can be improved and amplified by modern technology.

The Calabrese Tradition: A Heritage to Preserve

Panificio Colacchio is deeply rooted in Calabrese tradition, and this heritage is a treasure that the company commits to preserve and enhance. The artisan techniques, handed down from generation to generation, are the very essence of this company, a continuous homage to the authentic gastronomic culture of this region. Here, the past is respected and honored, ensuring that the historical roots never fade away.

The Innovation that Transforms Taste

But what makes Panificio Colacchio truly special is its ability to combine tradition and innovation harmoniously. The company embraces modern technology to elevate Calabrese delicacies to new heights of quality and taste. A striking example of this synergy between old and new is the use of packaging machines from the TECNO PACK group of Schio.

These packaging machines represent a step forward in quality and safety of packaging. The provision of more than one horizontal packaging machine, including a special H4S machine for creating a bauletto bag with four perimeter welds and a double bottom with folded fins in paper film for Diamond line long pasta with a Shrink Tunnel, is an example of Colacchio’s dedication to quality and innovation.

The shrink film packaging machine for trays & Traditional Friselle with horizontal single fold offers significant advantages. Its cantilevered structure facilitates sanitation and accessibility to main components, ensuring both hygiene and safe maintenance.

The Result: Exceptional Quality

The combination of tradition and high-quality technology results in an exceptional outcome for Colacchio products. Each delicacy, carefully packaged, is a celebration of Calabria, where tradition meets culinary perfection. Quality is the watchword, and every step of the production process is aimed at ensuring that each bite meets the highest expectations of customers.

In conclusion, Panificio Colacchio is an example of how tradition can thrive and grow through innovation and high-quality technology. Here, every product is a testament to the love for Calabria, the passion for culinary perfection, and the dedication to uncompromised quality. Each bite is a journey through the history and future of gastronomy.

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