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With decades of field experience on its back, the Italy-headquartered Tropical Food Machinery is a leading company in the global field of fruit processing machinery. Founded in the late 1970s by a pioneering Italian entrepreneur, the company currently boasts an operating branch in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, two- fruit processing plants located in the north of the country, as well as liaison office s in India, Costa Rica, and across the Asia-Pacific and West Africa regions.

As the fruit market is set to account for nearly 5 percent of world GDP by 2030, with much of this remarkable growth taking place in the emerging markets of Middle East, Asia, and Afri- ca, the company is looking to further shore up its international operation with the aim to be closer to its customers.

“Rising demand for fruit worldwide represents an unparalleled opportunity to spur innovation, employment, and prosperity,” said Stefano Con care, the company’s general director.

Tropical Food Machinery’s corporate philosophy revolves around the notions of fl flexibility and versatility. The company always seeks to identify the most appropriate solution in any particular case as it is well cognizant that customers’ needs depend on a wide range of factors, such as geography, ready access to market and a working supply chain. This allows the company to meet the needs of a wide range of clients, from family-owned businesses to large-scale industrial producers.

Thanks to its decades-long know-how accrued on the field, Tropical Food Machinery is able to offer a wide range of multi-purpose technological solutions, starting from very low capacity systems such as small-size plants on a skid or mobile plants to large-scale, automated plants for the industrial process of tropical, deciduous fruit and tomato.

Every line is designed in-house and then built and tested before every and each delivery, enabling complete control over quality and productive speed and creating a strong

sense of responsibility within the company’s workforce.

Some of the jewels of this range that have enjoyed particular success recently are the Mini Industry Line 200 and the Multifruit Line 1000. Mini Industry Line 200 arose from discussions with international organizations and was designed to be used by small-scale producers and farmers in decentralized areas. With this line, farmers can process themselves any

fruit and produce “ready-to-drink” fruit juice, jam, fruit salad, and tomato paste packed in glass, pet or tins and sell this product on the retail market.

Mini Industry Line 200 is approximately 12-meter-long and has very low energy consumption. The system supplied already assembled in one single container, preventing bothering assembling issues.

Mini Industry Line 200 can be therefore moved from location to another if the season requires so, allowing producers to refine seasonal fruits directly on-site, avoid- ing extra transport problems and related problems. Further upside is that it is high manufacturing quality and standards allow the use of non-specialized personnel. Multifruit Line 1000 is designed for the same use in remote areas and highly flexible situations.

The system is the smallest of the company’s fully automatic lines. It has a working capacity up to 1 ton/h of any fruit and can produce aseptic natural juice/purée and concentrate as well.
The aseptic pulp or juice is a semi-finish d product which is filled din220Lbagindrum, it is very long-lasting even when stored at room temperature and is then supplied to blending – juicing – baby food companies and even to the HORECA chain.

This line is particularly recommended for those entrepreneurs who are not regularly supplied with a big quantity of fruits.

Given its already deep-rooted presence in most of the largest markets, Tropical Food Machinery boasts also a comprehensive after-sales support service that is able to provide spare parts and prompt technical support if the need should arise.

As Concari put it: “This is what drives our company: relentlessly working with our customers to improve our technologies and offer even higher yields and more efficient production.”


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