Turkey solutions for bottling and packaging

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BBM Service Srl is an Italian excellence operating globally in the beverage and packaging sector since 2005. The company specialises in the offer of turnkey solutions for the bottling of water and soft-drinks and we work with the most renowned brands in the sector, offering the same service to multinational firms and local enterprises.
Our service, customised, flexible and quick, is the main reason why customers have chosen us over the last 10 years, identifying BBM Service as the perfect partner for every kind of project.
As it is stressed by our CEO, Giuseppe Boffelli: “In BBM, we are well aware we are in a hyper-competitive market, in which quality competitors and with good prices may come from every corner of the world and in which the customer’s trust is gained after years and it might be lost in a matter of seconds.
For this reason, we put all our passion in every service and project, every day, for each customer of ours and even more for those who have entrusted us over the years and with whom we have established a mutual satisfaction relationship.”

BBM Packaging, turnkey solutions for bottling and packaging, is today the byword for:

  • Used equipment excellence, thanks to a careful selection and an overhauling and updating process, to offer machines at competitive prices on the market. Customers can also visit the 7500 m2 production plant to see and inspect the models and follow the revamping at every stage, until the FAT on the actual products;
  • Technical assistance, with more than 50 highly-skilled technicians with over 20 years of experience and competence in the sector to form a team that is able to support the customer throughout the life of the machine and on the different models by the main international manufacturers.
  • Spare parts, whether it is normal usage wear or an emergency, BBM Packaging is a valid option for the supply of spare parts. Thanks to the wide range of available items, the fast delivery and the competitive prices;
  • Much more, the know-how is included in the BBM Packaging offer, following every customer through every step of the project, from upgrading to revamping and changes in the models of the main leading manufacturers. As a matter of fact, we offer pre-sale analysis and the evaluation of the possible solutions, up to the realisation and the final delivery of the complete project, to guarantee a unique contractor for the whole process.
    Boffelli also adds: “In our daily work we go from the simple, so to speak, machine disassembling to machine moving also in environments with very little space and for which the personnel needs to be highly trained, for example to work at heights, from the engineering to implement a new machine to the engineering to combine two lines, permitting also a sort of bypass in case of problems. Not to forget the purchase of second-hand machines to be refurbished and upgraded to give them a second life and to get their performances closer to the new generation machine ones. What drives us is when customers recognise the quality of the activities, services and work of all BBM team.” The high-quality of the BBM Service offer is also proved by a steady growth of the company over the years, in terms of volumes, services and personnel, establishing itself as a reliable and complete choice for the customer’s investment.

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