UELZENA INGREDIENTS: Milk based ingredients for confectionery and bakery Made in Germany


The company Uelzena eG is a dairy cooperative located in Northern Germany near to Hamburg. Together with its subsidiary WS Warmsener Spezialitäten GmbH the milk specialist produces high-quality milk based ingredients under the brand “Uelzena Ingredients”. Their ingredients range for the baking, confectionery and delicatessen industry includes skimmed milk powder, buttermilk powder, anhydrous milk fat, sweetened condensed milk and cream, as well as customized milk fat products and compounds.

Newest products in the range are liquid, milk based ice mixes for making various ice cream specialties like soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt. Four production plants and two sales units are part of the the business unit Uelzena Ingredients within the Uelzena group.

All ingredients are processed directly from fresh milk or cream from their own contract milk producers in Northern Germany, located nearby the production sites within a radius of less than 100 km. This means short transport routes and guarantees both the availability and highest quality of the raw ingredient milk.

It also means Uelzena knows exactly where their milk comes from. Best conditions for the production of high-quality milk ingredients, which are free from any food additives and naturally clean label products.

Skimmed milk powder and buttermilk powder

The milk powder range primarily includes low-heat and medium heat skimmed milk powder and buttermilk powder. Uelzena aims to achieve the highest quality milk powders, which involves optimizing the denaturation level, solubility, particle size and mixing behavior, while also keeping dust formation low.

Butter and anhydrous milk fat

Uelzena produces many milk fats like German branded premium butter and anhydrous milk fat (concentrated butter).

As well as a variety of specialty products such as lamination butter for puff pastry and croissants with a predefined melting point, milk fats with added vanillin or carotene, fat blends or a decolorized white butterfat.

The Uelzena site in Uelzen has a fractionation plant, which is the only one of its kind in Germany and uses a purely thermal and physical process to separate milk fats into hard stearines and soft to liquid oleins.

After that, these fractions can be recombined to produce milk fats with precisely defined properties, for example with regard to the melting point, degree of hardness or melting behavior.

A special service is the delivery of milk fat compounds, developed according to customer’s specifications based on cream, butter and/or fractionated or decolorized milk fat in the form of water/ oil or oil/water emulsions for various food applications.

Furthermore, Uelzena can develop and produces customized and tailor-made mixed fats from Premium German Butter, concentrated butter or fractionated butterfat combined with one or more vegetable fats such as rapeseed oil or coconut oil on demand.

Sweetened condensed milk and cream

WS Warmsener Spezialitäten GmbH, one of the largest manufacturers of sweetened condensed milk, supplies major brand manufacturers with sweetened condensed milk, (frozen) cream and liquid ice mixes.

The main product sweetened condensed milk has a nice smooth texture, a clean taste without any ‘cooked’ flavor, and is technologically resilient to further processing.

The widely product range extends from classic sweetened condensed milk with halal, kosher, organic or Fairtrade quality certifications to mixed recipes with added vegetable fats.


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