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SENSURE, a company based in Italy, has been designing and developing, since 2007, complete vision inspection systems equipped with the innovative SENSURE SYNAPSE software suite. 

With SENSURE SYNAPSE, it is possible to measure numerous product features (a wide set is included in the system), such as shape, size, and colour, using 2D technology (industrial camera) and perform a full 3D product profile using 3D technology (laser profilometer). 

Thanks to the use of thermal imaging and infrared cameras, it is also possible to identify features in addition to the visible ones. SENSURE SYNAPSE can also be configured to analyze features thought to be impossible to manage, such as pattern variations, topping conformity, average colour, slope, and much more, even on the bottom parts of the products. 

With SYNAPSE, all the measurements are reliable, repeatable, and accurate, even at high line speed.  

With the use of innovative artificial intelligence algorithms and a self-learning mode, SENSURE SYNAPSE identifies the features to be controlled in the products and optimizes the tolerances of the controlled measurements, eliminating the complicated part of setup typical of traditional systems. 

Thanks to the ability to work in self-learning, SYNAPSE presents a quick and easy installation and setup phase. 

 SENSURE SYNAPSE software suite also offers a complete set of data analytics modules that can provide real-time display and monitoring of measured values, customized reports and statistical analysis, supporting continuous improvement activities, and improving the quality of the finished products. 

Thanks to the SENSURE SYNAPSE software suite with the modular and customized hardware of SENSURE STARGATE, it is possible to configure a complete vision inspection system that fulfils any operational requirements, even on already existing lines. 

The SENSURE STARGATE can be tailored to suit the specific application and production line with a compact and solid mechanical frame, an electrical cabinet with a state-of the-art operator interface, dedicated hardware for vision inspection, and customized single or multiple rejection mechanisms (air nozzles, traps, retractable belts, pushers, etc.).  

The STARGATE solutions are designed to be quickly installed into any new or existing production line, can be fully food grade, and ready for a harsh wash-down environment. 

The system also has the possibility of exchanging signals and information with conveyors and/or other machines/systems in the line.  

Additional conveyors before or after the STARGATE systems can be designed and installed by SENSURE to make the overall solution a perfect fit. SENSURE STARGATE solutions are easy to install, calibrate, and operate.  

The SENSURE technology is used on highly variable products, such as biscuits, crackers, rusks, bread, croissants, cakes, pizzas, bars, chocolate, sweets, chewing gum, ice cream, and other food products (meat and chicken, cheese, fish, etc.). 

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