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Siat has been active in various industrial sectors for over 80 years and it is in continuous development with the automation of production processes and an increasingly innovative production technology.

In the fruit and vegetable sector we offer a wide range of standard and customized brushes, made with certified materials for the food industry. For the Siat company food safety is very important.

One of the many goals of the team is the realization of solutions that can guarantee maximum efficiency on the fruit and vegetable processing lines minimizing waste and enhancing every resource, achieving the desired quality that the market requires.


The Siat team aims to be more and more efficient and to reach out to countries where it has not yet arrived with increasingly innovative solutions. With a complete customisation service and a very fast maintenance service, the company guarantees maximum efficiency for its customers and fruit and vegetable processing plant owners.


Siat’s proffessional team provides customised solutions for all stages of fruit processing, from harvesting machines, bins unloading systems, brushing machines, polishing machines, grading machines, to packaging and bins filling. Siat’s competitiveness is high, all production processes take place inhouse and the search for new materials for the production of state-of-the-art industrial brushes is continuous.

The Siat team listens to customers’ needs and, after an in-depth technical analysis, begins prototyping solutions designed in relation to the mechanical characteristics of the customer’s processing lines and individual machines.

For more information: www.siat.it

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