Why choose OMIP?

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Choosing OMIP is not only a wise thing to do, it is an imperative if you wish to keep up with the competition in the fruit processing industry. By choosing and using OMIP machines for pitting/stoning, cutting, dicing, peeling, slicing, and pulping, you have the guarantee to meet the demands of your valuable clients without any disappointment.

In addition to distinguishing itself with quality machines which offer durability, the highest yield, and the lowest production and maintenance costs, OMIP has once again extended its leadership position through innovation. As an indisputable key player on the world market in the sector of fruit processing machines, OMIP has made it possible for its clients to enjoy “real-time tele-assistance” via the internet. “When ordering a new machine, you just have to include the “tele-assistance” package to your order and OMIP will take care of the rest”, said Mr. Francesco Pannullo, one of the CEOs of the company.

The tele-assistance service allows OMIP engineers to access the machine anywhere in real-time, proactively perform troubleshooting, foresee and eliminate any problems that might impede the smooth running of the production campaign. This, in effect, makes it possible to supervise the correct functioning of the equipment in the production line coupled with advising the client’s technical team to locally carry out any mechanical services deemed necessary.

OMIP has not left out the clients already using the old models of its equipment. It is possible to upgrade some of the old models of the machines in order to take advantage of the tele-assistance service. All you need to do is to get in touch with your nearest OMIP agent or contact the company directly.


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