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Dolcezze Savini is a company based in Tuscany that for three generations has passionately been working in the art of bread and pastry making, using old processing techniques and carefully selected ingredients. From its factories in Valdarno, for over fifty years Dolcezze Savini has been baking high-quality products such as the famous bread cooked in a wood burning oven, made with Tuscan wheat.

In addition to the different varieties of bread and pizza made with different types of flour, the Valdarno brand boasts a rich pastry production that also includes the typical traditional pastries from Siena produced by the historic company Fiore 1827, acquired by Dolcezze Savini in 2017.

Among these specialities there are three important IGP products: two of them are from Siena and they are Panforte and Ricciarelli, while the almond biscuits named Cantuccini are linked to the Tuscan territory.

For a long time, Dolcezze Savini has focused its activity on a production that pays particular attention to the importance of some elements such as natural ingredients, reduced gluten products, palm oil-free products and a clearer labelling system.

The current size of the company, which counts more than a hundred employees in total, has not affected the original characteristics of Dolcezze Savini, confirming its vocation for craftsmanship, its dedication to quality and its desire to be at the forefront of the technology used in its factories.

In this regard, in 2019 the company built a new production plant of over 4,000 meters with the clear intention of investing in technological innovation. Alongside the integration of two new semi-automatic lines for the production of partially baked bread, the new investment has opened more space for artisanal production with the strengthening of the production of handmade pizza dough.

The company has also developed a complete electronic management system, making it part of the world of industry 4.0. This innovation process has found full achievement in the strengthening of its packaging sector, for which Dolcezze Savini has called upon the group Tecno Pack, a leading company in the supply of packaging technologies.

Dolcezze Savini’s artisanship meets
Tecno Pack’s technological innovation

For over 30 years Tecno Pack has been designing, manufacturing and distributing horizontal packaging machines and automatic packaging systems for the food industry and other sectors.

Tecno Pack is a group of companies including Tecno Pack, IFP and GSP. Based in Schio, in the province of Vicenza, Tecno Pack stands out for being a pioneer and innovator in the packaging industry, developing cutting-edge solutions, increasing the digitalization of machines and plants, offering its customers excellent results with limited investments.

The partnership between Tecno Pack and Dolcezze Savini has resulted in the development of three packaging lines, specifically designed by the group for the bread sector of the Tuscan company.

These, in detail, are the new packaging lines implemented in the production system of Dolcezze Savini:

Monopiega Diamond 650 wrappers. This is an innovative and high-performance shrink wrapping machine, designed to wrap small, medium and large-sized items as well as thin solid products;

Flow pack ATM FP 025 line suitable for pizza dough and ideal for “pinsa” (a traditional pizza made with an ancient Roman recipe). This horizontal packaging machine is specific for modified atmosphere packaging thanks to the tight packs granted by the sealing system. It is the most suitable flow wrapper when aesthetically good-looking packages with high-quality side gussets and thick thick wrapping materials are required;

The FP 015 line for sandwiches. This horizontal pillow pack wrapper has a particular cantilevered frame with easy accessibility that helps sanitation, both for hygienic and maintenance reasons, guaranteeing full safety at work.

At the same time, the historical production carried out by Fiore 1827 was also implemented with the purchase of a vertical + multi-head packaging machine to improve the type of packaging and achieve greater production efficiency.

With the selection of these tailor-made solutions, designed according to the production needs of Dolcezze Savini, the Tecno Pack group not only proves to be a leading manufacturer in the sector of packaging machines and systems but also confirms to be the ideal partner to integrate new technologies created as “tailor-made” solutions according to specific automation requirements.

The precious and fruitful collaboration between the Tecno Pack group and Dolcezze Savini represents the utmost expression of the most recent technological innovation combined with traditional working procedures for the production of a great variety of quality products with an authentic artisanal flavour.


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