XSpectra, the world’s most advanced food production inspection system, arrives at IFFA


At Iffa (Hall 5.1, E88), Xnext, the Italian deep tech company active in the food inspection sector, presents XSpectra, the world’s only inspection system in the world capable of detecting low-density foreign bodies inside food products.

The meat products market has a worldwide economic value of 700 billion Euro, equal to 62% of the total fresh food production. Italy in this sector represents the fourth European market behind Germany, France and Spain with a value of 21.7 billion Euro.

An industrial sector of this size and enormous economic and strategic value needs a secure supply chain with adequate quality standards to ensure safety and transparency for its consumers.

With an increasingly complex and intensive food supply chain, it is not uncommon for consumers to find foreign bodies in the food they eat every day. This is partly because the food inspection systems currently on the market are not able to meet all of today’s safety requirements.

For example, they are unable to detect the foreign bodies most frequently found in meat, such as uncalcified bones, cartilage, plastics and rubber.

Xnext will present Xspectra at Iffa (Hall 9.1 Stand E88), the leading international trade fair dedicated to technological innovations in the meat processing, packaging and sales market, to be held in Frankfurt from 14 to 19 May.

The result of ten years of research and development and 15 million euros of investment, Xspectra, Xnext’s patented and proprietary technology, is now the world’s most innovative and advanced real-time in-line food inspection system: by combining three levels of technological innovation such as photonics, nuclear microelectronics and artificial intelligence, XSpectra is able to detect contaminants that are not otherwise detectable today, particularly low-density foreign bodies such as plastics, uncalcified bones, insects, wood, mud and high-density foreign bodies such as stones, glass, metals.

What sets XSpectra apart from other inspection systems currently on the market is that they only exploit a fraction of the potential of X-ray inspection. XSpectra is in fact the most advanced X-ray inspection system in the world because it is the only one so far conceived that can analyze up to 1,024 energy levels for each image point on the product, compared to just one or two energy levels for competitors.

At IFFA, Xnext will be exhibiting three versions of the XSpectra, including one specifically designed for meat products and recently installed at a major Italian meat producer. This machine has a larger inspection area than the other versions to enable it to analyze bulk products in multiple rows, and can detect contaminants such as bone, cartilage, plastics and rubber in the product.


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