ZACMI showcases hygiene, flexibility and sustainability at Drinktec


Beverage canning benefits from advanced features develop through decades of food industry experience.

Zacmi is widely known in the food and preservative industry, but it is now making serious inroads into the beverage sector thanks to the quality of its machine design and the capabilities it gives the users.

According to Marco Motta, Area Sales Manager at ZACMI: “We are famous in the food and preservative market, with successful installations all over the globe, but Drinktec gave us the capability to highlight our expertise in the beverage market too.

“We offer a number of neat solutions,” he continues, “which will deliver the same levels of success and integration that we have seen in other markets. Our piston filler, equipped with a vertical valve, is perfect for many types of drinks and liquids, including those containing solid ingredients, such as fruit, where the shape and integrity of the solid ingredient is 100% maintained to give the consumer the best possible quality.

“Of particular interest to the beverage market,” he explains, “is the fact that it exhibits a high-hygienic design too. It can be cleaned completely automatically, without any operator intervention, which is an incredibly attractive feature to big companies in the beverage market who are looking to automate as deeply as possible.”

Zacmi is also well known for its seamer technology. “Our seaming machines offer the same hygienic design, with all primary elements being fabricated from stainless steel,” Motta explains. “They also use oil as a lubricant, which is far cleaner than older grease-based systems, and they can be completely foam cleaned… again 100% automatically.

“We have also developed a smart way to handle CO2 for carbonated drinks and beers. Our system is able to close the can in such a way that the 02 pickup is negligible, which greatly improves the quality of the product and its shelf life”

Finally, the company’s pasteurizers feature many innovative aspects too. “With our pasteurizer technologies we have concentrated in sustainability,” Motta concludes, “by closely managing energy use and reducing their CO2 footprint. In fact, our smart design allows users to closely tailor all energy parameters, helping to minimize the cost to the customer… and to the environment.”

If you would like to see what Zacmi can do for your beverage operations, speak to Marco and find out the extra capabilities and potential you can unlock.

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