Amcor Capsules shines a light on its sustainability agenda with new TRANSPARENCE program

Amcor Capsules, announces TRANSPARENCE, a new sustainability program that gives the Wine and Spirits brands clarity and assurance around sustainability initiatives.

TRANSPARENCE  is a continuous improvement program focused on environmental impact; through which Amcor Capsules will establish clear data-driven objectives and actions to deliver more sustainable closures and capsules. All progress and achievements under this program will be duly verified and certified by independent and expert third parties.

The TRANSPARENCE  sustainability program builds on three strategic pillars - REDUCE, RECYCLE, RESPECT.

REDUCE:  Amcor Capsules is committed to  reduce its carbon footprint by 18% by FY25, compared to FY20.

Key initiatives include:
• Working closely with its aluminium suppliers to integrate further recycled aluminium.
• Contributing to the Amcor Group commitment to  achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 (SBTi commitment). This aligns with the IPCC’s recommendations of  limiting global warming to around 1.5°C.
• Reducing the use of secondary packaging. For example, Amcor Capsules already partners with some of the biggest Champagne Houses to reuse their packaging to limit the use of secondary packaging.

RECYCLE:  In 2018, Amcor Group was the first packaging company to commit to develop all its packaging to be recyclable or reusable by 2025. Today,  96%  of Amcor Capsules’ portfolio is already  recycle-ready.

• Research and development teams at Amcor are constantly working to convert the remaining 4% of our products into recycle-ready solutions.
• All new product developments contain a strong eco-design framework.
• Amcor systematically works with independent third parties to certify the recyclability credentials of all categories of products.

RESPECT:  Amcor Capsules ensures that respect for the planet shapes its roadmap. All Amcor Capsules Plants* send  zero production waste to disposal  and are located near historic wine and spirits production areas, ensuring better respect of the transportation chain.

• Amcor ensures that every party of its supply chain is respected. Throughout the year, Amcor discloses safety and sustainability data related to our operational footprint at the request of customers, investors, ratings agencies, and the broader public. These platforms include EcoVadis and SEDEX. Amcor holds the Eco Vadis Gold Certification. This certification, based on four criteria (Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement) recognizes Amcor as part of  top 5%  of companies evaluated.

TRANSPARENCE  is a live and continuous improvement sustainability program designed to support and benefit Wine and Spirits brands and distributors. It will be delivered in close collaboration with Amcor Capsules’ partners and third parties, and it will be regularly updated with progress, achievements, and new objectives.

*Amcor Capsules plants in Europe, Canada, United States, South America.

Catherine Fontinha -Head of Marketing, Capsules

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