AMS Ferrari: technology and passion for more than 90 years

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For more than 90 years AMS Ferrari’s passion has never stopped growing, driven by those unique values typical of the Emilian people, who have successfully exported the best bottling line technology throughout the world. The demanding achievements, experiences lived alongside clients and tough international competition have shaped our character, helping us to develop the characteristics setting us apart today: great production flexibility combined with high innovative capacity, assiduous quality control of the entire production process and applied materials, and above all, a complete focus on customer.


 The delicate nature of the product inspired us to develop a filling valve without any gaskets. The absence of any gaps and the internal end of the valves facilitates decontamination. The machines can be built either traditionally or in the Neck Handling version, depending on the type of container and target production.

The latest novelty for the milk and delicate liquid filling system is the electronic filling machine, the INFINITY series, specifically formulated for an extremely broad range of sensitive products such as milk, flavoured milk, yoghurt, yoghurt drinks, fruit juices and dairy products with fruit pieces. Electronic flow meters control the filling process. Machine cleanliness is guaranteed by an efficient sterilisation system (CIP / SIP). In terms of precision and reliability, the “Infinity” series is superior to any other filling system. The technology has been developed to satisfy all specific “shelf life” requirements.

 The main feature of this machine is the electronic filling system with flow meters. The quantity of product is measured with high accuracy. The simplicity of construction of the machine ensures accurate washing external and internal. The large capacity of sanitization and sterilization, make INFINITY the ideal machine for the filling of dairy products in general. The range of INFINITY models covers from 6 to 40 filling valves. The wide choice of optional constructions, make the machine customizable, tailored to the customer.


A volumetric pump with pushes the product from aseptic tank to the filling carrousel.

With an electronic flow meter, one on each filling valve, the product is filled into the bottle (both of glass & PET with the same machine) contactless, ensuring a perfect cleanness of the filling system.

Bottles are previously cleaned with sterile water or using the peroxide who is dosed in the bottle by a pump with electric control. Then, a subsequent injection of steam activates the peroxide.

Finally, bottles are rinsed with water to remove any residue from the inside.

Caps are washed and then sterilized by an UV lamp as the washing water. Many types of closures are available on customer’s request.

The machine cleans itself with an external washing circuit without recovery using a sanitizing product.

The upper part is provided with a hood for the aspiration of any residues.

Our machines are also provided with tempered glass safety protection doors resistant to acid washes and scratches and is perfectly washable. This protection system adds value to the customer’s investment.

Electronic, mechanic, materials and production cycle, ability to listen to and responsiveness. Everything contributes to realize a high-quality standard that meets customers’ needs and satisfies all the employees of the company.

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