Anuga FoodTec 2024. SMI responsible solutions for the food and beverage industry


At Anuga FoodTec 2024, one of the most important international trade fairs for the food and beverage industry, SMI will be present to showcase its latest developments in the packaging industry, resulting from continuous investments in new technologies.


This is the main topic of the event that will be held in Cologne from 19th to 22th March, where SMI will show how the employment of innovative technologies can guide the food and beverage industry along the path of a responsible system.

Food manufacturers play a key role in the global economy and have a strong responsibility towards the planet. For these reasons, they rely on suppliers’ innovative nature in order to adopt strategies able to ensure the responsible use of resources.

We’ll be waiting for you at Booth C011 – Hall 7.1

SMI will present a compact end-of-line solution that includes the new APS 620 ERGON automatic palletizer combined with a WPS 150R wrap-around case packer by SMIPACK.

This is an extremely flexible and efficient plant, that allows the user to easily adapt the production to the changing consumer habits.

Solutions for medium-low productions

The displayed system will show the packaging of mayonnaise glass jars in wrap-around cases in 3×4 format and then its palletizing in pallets in the format 1200×800 mm.

The APS 620 automatic palletizer produced by SMI is suitable for production requirements up to 20 packs per minute (depending on the palletizing pattern).

Compact and functional structure

The core of the APS 620 ERGON is composed of the structure in which the three Cartesian axis system, performing the pallet formation, is positioned. Added to this are the infeed conveyor, the product picking head and the machine guards.

Main features:

  • compact structure that ensures great space saving inside the production line
  • ergonomic structure that allows the operator to easily and safely carry out all the activities related to the use, cleaning and maintenance of the plant
  • optimized TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) thanks to low management and maintenance costs
  • use of cutting-edge technologies that ensure high operational versatility and customization possibilities to adapt to the needs of format changeover, product changeover and/or plant layout
  • the operations are controlled by a user-friendly machine automation and control system
  • diagnostic and technical support functions in real time on the POSYC® to view the production information and the formation of the pack layer on the pallet in real time
  • the elctrical cabinet, positioned outside the protection barriers is a distinct module that remains cabled during transport and therefore can be immediately installed at the customer’s plant


  • Higher production efficiency: the palletizer works at a constant speed, thus increasing the productivity and reducing the end-of-line operations.
  • Precision: the precise positioning of the cases on the pallet and the correct distribution of the load avoid damages during the transport and storage operations
  • Greater safety for the operator: the automation of the operations reduces the risks connected to the movement of heavy loads on the end of the line
  • Flexibility: the system easily manages different types of products, formats or palletizing patterns, ensuring a competitive advantage
  • Space optimization: products positioned efficiently optimize the space available on the pallet, thus reducing transport and storage costs.

SMI supplies a wide range of bottling and packaging machines with an innovative design, equipped with IoT technology, that offer smart solutions for productions up to 50,000 bottles/hour and that meet requirements of competitiveness, efficiency, flexibility, enegry saving and easy management of the production plant.

For further information on the packaging solutions offered by SMI, we’ll be waiting for you at Anuga FoodTec at booth C011 – Hall 7.1.

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