CAPITANI a wide range of individual-serving coffee machines

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There is a place in the province of Como where made in Italy style meets functionality. A place where the Research & Development function focuses and bases its work on the demand of a market that is becoming more and more attentive to people’s needs.

Where thanks to the constant commitment of its partners a pioneer in new ideas creates high quality, performing and innovative products that fully meet the demands of the final customers, but which are also at the same time so simple and reliable that they guarantee peace of mind to retailers and distributors. All this and much more is Capitani.

Capitani offers a wide range of individual-serving coffee machines, both for domestic and professional use. Coffee machines conceived for everyone: from smaller models with a captivating design to the more complex ones with tea and cappuccino accessories – catering for all tastes, to un-mistakeable professional machines that combine durability, reliability and elegance.

To meet the needs of those users that are becoming more attentive to sustainability and the environment, in addition to the infuser ranges for compostable capsules, Capitani has also recently re-launched a range for paper pods.

Another important activity of the company is the production of cleaning and sanitizing machines for both domestic and industrial use.

In light of the current world situation, we all know how imperative a more hygienic environment has become. Capitani offers a wide range of machines that meet this important need by exploiting the power of steam and ozone.

Handy vacuum cleaners that also work as steamers, new sanitizing accessories and new machines. Other challenges await us while looking at the future, driven by customer satisfaction and the peace of mind of retailers and distributors as our main focal points.


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