Elan: the water that comes from the sacred mountains of Cambodia


Rice paddies as far as the eye can see, and magical temples make Cambodia a small treasure

In the heart of Phnom Kulen National Park, an area rich in wonderful waterfalls and considered holy by the local population, Kulen Spring Co. invested in a 31,800 bottles/hour plant of the latest generation supplied by SMI for bottling Elan and Eragold water in PET containers.

The new line includes a stretch-blow moulding, filling and capping system from the ECOBLOC® ERGON range, a wrap-around cardboard packer from the LWP ERGON range, an automatic palletizing system from the APS ERGON range and conveyors for handling loose bottles and packs.

The attention of Kulen Spring Co. towards the environment pushes the company to continuous investments to preserve the surrounding environment, use only energy from renewable sources and adopt sophisticated plants and equipment that preserve the quality of the water and ensure a higher production efficiency.

The growing demand for Elan water, rich in precious natural minerals, made necessary to increase production capacities of the Banteay Srei District, which is located near the archeological site of Angkor Wat and Kulen National Park. The recent supply of SMI has allowed the Cambodian company to automate the whole bottling and packaging process of the 31,800 bottles/hour line to produce 0.5 L and 1.5 L PET bottles.

SMI and SMI ASIA branch have supported Kulen Spring in the design, construction and installation phases of a turn-key line, with the presence of machines of the latest generation:

stretch-blow moulding, filling and capping of 0.5 L and 1.5 L of flat water in PET bottles with a production capacity up to 31,800 bottles/hour (0.5 L format).

  • compact structure that groups the stretch-blow moulding, filling and capping operations of PET bottles and does not require the rinser and the air conveyors between the blow moulder and the filler
  • flexible solution
  • reduced energy consumption
  • the preform heating module mounts energy-efficient IR lamps
  • the stretch-blow moulding module is equipped with a double-stage air recovery system, that allows to reduce the energy costs related to the production of high-pressure compressed air.


Packs created:
 the PET 0.5 L bottles are packed in wrap-around boxes in 4×6 format, while 1.5 L PET bottles in boxes in a 3×4 format.

  • packaging process with wrap-around system forming the cardboard box around the bottles in transit without making machine stops
  • ideal solution to obtain impact-resistant packaging, able to protect the product during transport
  • possibility to graphically customize the cardboard box to capture the consumer’s attention.


  • single-column system with two Cartesian axes, extremely flexible and easily adaptable to the logistical conditions of the end-of-line area
  • system suitable for palletizing boxes, bundles, trays and packs in general, consisting of different modules that can be configured in a personalized way
  • reduced maintenance costs and low energy consumption, thanks to the mechanical simplicity of the machine and the use of robotics
  • extremely simple automation and management control, thanks to the intuitive human-machine interface.


  • smooth and constant handling without stops of PET containers outcoming from the ECOBLOC® integrated system and incoming to the LWP 30 cardboard packer and of the boxes at the entrance to the APS ERGON palletizer
  • easy to use by the operator during the production cycle
  • use of high-quality components and wear-resistant materials, which reduce friction and noise,
    preserving the quality of the transported packs
  • reduced format changeover times for quickly switching from one product to another.


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