GAMPACK, high-speed packaging technology focus on greening.

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In the last few years, more and more companies have become sensitive to the issues of ecosustainability and committed in limiting the impact on the environment. Designing, producing and using packaging in a conscious way means starting from the choice of materials,
which must be easily recyclable.

Food & beverage, and consequently its related packaging industry, together with all the necessary technology for the industrial and commercial packaging of products, is one of the sectors most involved in this process.

GAMPACK can be considered a pioneer in this regard, having for years adopted a concept of sustainable packaging as an added value in its activity. The company, based in Piacenza and part of 

GAMPACK Group, Italian leader in secondary & end of-line packaging, operates in the automation of many different sectors ranging from food & beverage to dairy, from chemicals to cosmetics, to pharmaceuticals and many others.

Recently, it has developed for a primary customer a high operating flexibility packaging machine with innovative and eco-sustainable packaging solution.

The Italian company has produced and patented a mini-tray packaging machine with high operational flexibility which is part of its plastic-free world proposals.

GAMPACK model MINI-TRAY, is patented and it’s one of the many innovative solutions provided by GAMPACK as part of the GAMPACK Plastic free project. The Mini-tray is an innovative packaging solution based on solid board tray and designed as alternative to the Cluster, with over 50% saving in terms of consumables and with an important impact on the company’s Opex. In addition, the mini-tray is also an eco-sustainable alternative to shrink film packaging, aiming at a plastic-free world committing to the European Union’s breakthrough on disposable plastic and the approval of the ban, by the Strasbourg Chamber, of plastic consumption in the European Union. This solution is dedicated to the packaging of bev- erage cartons, jars, bottles, vials, multipacks, cans, etc. with different sizes in mini-open tray, in formats such as 1×2 – 1×3 – 1×4 – 1×5 and 2×2-2×3-2×4-2×5 for weekly family consumption.

The product is packed in a mini-tray with minimum size and thickness, to ensure the lowest eco- nomic impact for the producer and the least environmental impact for end users. Pre-cut cardboard mul- tipack is easily divisible into single portions without scraps.

As already stated, GAMPACK has long been interested in Greening and the MINI-TRAY project, that has involved the company for a long time from R&D, sales and MKTG to production, is one of the solutions proposed by the group in response to the Europe- an Union’s breakthrough on “Plastic free” world by 2021. GAMPACK supports and promotes this opportunity and believes that a plastic-free world is the key in order to raise aware- ness, promote solutions and be responsible

GAMPACK places itself on the Italian and international market as a unique interlocutor in the design and devel- opment of solutions with a high rate of innovation applied to packaging. In the immediate future, GAMPACK will always be at the forefront of green- ing challenges.

In addition, the next steps will see the Group engaged in a path that aims at the establish- ment, on a global scale, of a subject highly specialized in the production of end-of-line technological solutions for secondary and tertiary packaging industry.


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