NEW SPIRAL OVEN: Tecnopool aims at innovation


Tecnopool, leader in the production and installation of machinery and complete lines for the heat treatment and processing of food products, hasn’t stopped aiming at innovation, even in this complex moment in history.

Despite the ongoing pandemic and today’s complicated geopolitical situation, Tecnopool continues to offer the best technological solutions to satisfy any customer request in a timely manner. Aiming at innovation means improving and streamlining one’s products. With this in mind, the Padua-based company has further developed its spiral oven, the flagship of its range.

Tecnopool believes in the enormous potential of this product and the many benefits it can offer its customers who, in addition to requiring industrial production levels, also demand flexibility in terms of both manufacturing capability and variety of products to process.

For this reason, the Tecnopool spiral oven represents a true technological step forward in the industry. In an uncertain socio-economic scenario, where business paradigms are being redesigned, focus on the customer is key.

For Tecnopool, this commitment has translated into a development agenda centered on connectivity and digitalization, to enable customers to enjoy many services: remote assistance, spare parts purchasing and information on up and running installations.

Among Tecnopool’s priorities there is also the will to excel in the after-sale service. “An indispensable service for the continuity and fluidity of the industrial process that guarantees equipment efficiency in the long term,” says Fabrizio Korošec, CEO of Tecnopool S.p.A. -.

“Furthermore, all our machines are compatible with Industry 4.0 requirements: this underlines the great attention that Tecnopool puts into sustainability and energy savings, aspects that are essential for avoiding raw material waste, increasing equipment production efficiency and minimizing energy consumption.”

Tecnopool is an integral part of the TP Food Group, which consists of various companies in the food processing industry. Thanks to a strong synergy, it provides complete automated lines at the service of the bakery sector: highly technological lines, with tailored design and construction, where quality excellence is the priority.

In fact, all the equipment can be tried first hand by the customer in a dedicated Test Room, as a mark of guarantee in terms of performance.

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