Perlino liquers: taste, passion and modernity


The land of taste

When you speak about taste, especially for good food and wine, it is inevitable to think of Piedmont (Italy), a land of wines and spirits, with unique characteristics and ancient traditions, like those of Perlino, a company based in Asti, that produces a wide range of prestigious labels.

History of passion

The history of Perlino is full of taste, passion and modernity, which have been handed down since 1905.

The wines and liqueurs it produces are rich in aromas and intense fragrances: peculiarities and qualities that deserve special attention during the whole production cycle.
Thanks to a series of investments in new plants in order to expand the production of wines and of the well-known Vermouth -symbol of the city of Torino and of the ritual of the aperitif – Perlino has quickly established itself on the national and international market.

The importance of innovation

For the bottling process, the company turned to ENOBERG for the supply of a monobloc for rinsing, filling and capping 750 and 1500 ml glass bottles with an output up to 12,000 bottles/hour. The monobloc from the RLF 32-32-8 BA range is a flexible system, suitable for medium-high speed, equipped with an innovative filling system with product re-circulation for bottling foamy liquids.

The advantages of Enoberg solution

– system equipped with a small tank outside the machine for collecting the excess product
high level precision in the bottle
– independent movement of the machine axes through brushless motors with integrated drive (IOS series), in order to ensure a perfect synchronization between the bottle transfer wheels and low noise level during operation
– touch screen control panel for a simple diagnosis of the operating status
fast format changeover of the bottle guide equipment
quick and immediate adjustment of the bottle levels
– dummy bottles with automatic insertion in order to speed up the washing operations during frequent product changes
fully sanitized plant, thanks to easily positioned dummy bottles, to the spray balls the tanks are equipped with, to the piping system for recovering and reusing the washing solution and to the automatic management of the washing phases
– low contamination risk, high level of hygiene
excellent quality/price ratio.

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