Smi solutions for a sustainable packaging


Innovative technologies with a low environmental impact

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are three imperatives the packaging industry is focusing on, in order to promote the use of sustainable materials such as rPET, 100% recycled film and cardboard, that, thanks to their high recycling rate, comply with the so called 3 Rs.

The companies of the food, beverage, detergent, personal hygiene, household cleaning and pharmaceutical industry require increasingly efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly plants; in order to meet these needs, SMI has constantly been developing solutions that embed these features even in the study and design phase of containers, offering a comprehensive portfolio of innovative technologies with a low environmental impact.

rPET solutions and tethered caps

rPET Video

Even secondary packaging plays a key role in the marketing strategies of consumer goods manufacturers. Every day in the world billion doses of beverage, food and cleaning and personal care detergents are consumed, sold in containers with thousands of shapes and with several features that require proper protection during the handling and with a captivating design to draw the consumers’ attention.

Plastic-free solutions

The use of lighter cardboard packaging is strongly growing in companies that want to reduce the amount of material used, ensuring the same level of product protection and the same functions of a heavier packaging material.

Among the most innovative solutions developed by SMI in this respect stand out the packers from the TPP range, machines suitable for realizing multipacks by means of the application of a top pad and a wide range of cardboard packers suitable for processing corrugated, kraft or Arcwise® cardboard.

Stretch or recycled film

Depending on the type of product to be packed and on the target market, the range of SMI packers enable to choose the most appropriate solution for the secondary packaging in stretch or 100% recycled film; the latter can be used on all machines equipped with hating tunnel supplied by SMI, allows to obtain packs with the same quality of the ones in non-recycled film and can be neutral or printed to enhance the brand visibility.


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