SMI solutions for Huihuang United Food


Consumption of bottled water on the rise in China

Huihuang United Food chose the integrated system ECOBLOC® ERGON by SMI

The consumption of bottled water is constantly growing in every part of the world. In China, for instance, in the first quarter of 2023 alone, the sales of bottled water increased by 10.9%. In this scenario, the main companies in the beverage industry, such as Huihuang United Food, keep investing in increasingly modern and efficient plants, such as the integrated blowing-filling-capping system ECOBLOC® ERGON by SMI, recently installed in Tianjin for bottling C’estbon brand products in 4.5 L PET containers.

The history of Huihuang United (Tianjin) Food starts in 2011, when the company was founded as a subsidiary of Macau Huiyang International Investment Co., a company belonging to the industrial giant Zhuhai Zhongu for bottling beverages of different brands, such as Coca-Cola and C’estbon.

SMI solutions for Huihuang United Food

The cooperation between Huihuang United Food Co. (Tianjin) and SMI started 12 years ago with the purchase of some shrink wrappers for packing bottles under the brand Coca-Cola. The installation of the first 6-cavity stretch-blow moulder for the production of 4.5 and 6 L PET containers under the brand C’estbon dates back to 2015. Thanks to the last investment that led to the purchase of the ECOBLOC® ERGON system, the first supplied by SMI in China, the company was able to increase the production of 4.5 and 6 L formats, which are in high demand by the market, and to further increase the quality and technological profile of the adopted solutions.



  • compact solution for the production and the filling of high-capacity PET containers
  • rinser and air conveyors between the blow moulder and the filler are not required
  • precise and fast filling and capping processes
  • reduced energy consumption
  • highly energy-efficient IR preform heating lamps
  • double-stage air recovery system that allows to cut energy costs for high-pressure compressed air production
  • filling valves that manage two speeds in order to fill homogeneously, efficiently and with no product leakage from the container. The duration of the filling cycles (slow or fast) can be managed in a simple and intuitive way through the recipes in the human-machine interface (HMI Posyc®)
  • reduced plant maintenance and management costs.

EASY-CAP CAP SORTER, that takes the caps from a hopper and turns them correctly, until they reach the bottling line.

  • very compact structure, made of AISI 304 stainless steel, suitable for any layout solution
  • smooth and linear operation, to transport only the caps that are in the correct position
  • system suitable for different types of plastic caps
  • user-friendly operator interface, that allows an easy and efficient use of the machine by the operator

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