Colussi Ermes Advanced Washing Systems the washing, sanitizing, and drying machines that make the difference in your everyday life


Compact machine design, energy consumption reduction, minimal consumption in water and detergent use, automatic cycles, loading/offloading automation, and parameter monitoring are just a few of Colussi Ermes sustainability benefits. 

Global leader in the design and production of advanced washing systems for the food industry, Colussi Ermes has become specialized not only in the bakery, confectionery, fruit & vegetables, meat, dairy, poultry, and fishery sectors but also in more complex fields such as the pharmaceutical, hospital, logistics and automotive sectors. 

A modern and dynamic brand, showing an exceptional capability of addressing a constantly changing market. Values such as innovation and organization guarantee competitiveness, flexibility, and quality for absolute environmental protection complying with the most recent rules in terms of hygiene and safety.  

Analytical and monitoring tools, a highly skilled and trained labor force, innovative engineers and an outstanding service team allow to satisfy all customers’ needs.  

Colussi Ermes is a company that exports all over the world and from July 2022 it has became a division of The Middleby Food Processing, which is providing a portfolio of global brands with complementary, industry-leading technologies for food production so to supply the highest quality full-line solutions to the customers. Here following you can find a brief description of some types of plants. 

Chocolate Mould Washers 

Colussi Ermes will propose several solutions for manual and inline Chocolate Mould Washers with variable capacities up to over 900 items/ hour, various shapes and types of chocolate moulds, and different heights and sizes, without needing to change the format.  

They ensure effective and accurate washing and perfect drying, for immediate re-use in the production process, preserving the integrity of the mould even after frequent cycles. The chocolate mould washing systems are completely tailor-made, based on specific customer requirements and provide the best results in terms of hygiene, certified by constant compliance monitoring. 

Spin Drying Systems 

High capacities – up to 4200 crates/hour with the double-rotor spin-dryer and up to 2100 crates/ hour with the single-rotor spin-dryer – speed and perfect drying result are the key features that set apart this new generation of Colussi Ermes spin-dryers along with the possibility to dry different type of crates, foldable or rigid. this machine can dry a high number of crates with a minimum footprint.  

In just a few seconds the Colussi Ermes spin-dryer can achieve excellent drying with low electrical energy consumption, making this both an efficient and cost-effective solution. 

Automatic centrifugal machine to wash trays and equipment placed on racks 

The rack washing systems have been carefully engineered to wash racks carrying different kinds of equipment.  

By means of specific frames or special trolleys, it is possible to wash pans, crates, pallets, bins, meattrucks, containers or isotainers fully respecting the highest washing and sanitizing hygiene standards.  

The washing capacity is very flexible: from a minimum of 20 to a maximum of 120 racks/hour.

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